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Nutrient Help

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by hakop, May 16, 2018.

  1. hakop


    Hey guys so I switched to Botanicare pbp line
    I’m currently in week 5 of flower and I’m following this schedule

    I’m growing in Botanicare aeration mix in 5 gal pots
    Using ro water
    After I made my water
    My ppm was around 1700
    And ph around ph 3.4ish
    (Before I fed them I raised to ph 5.8)
    Should I remove some supplements or make the nutes at 75% strength
    I feel the ppm are to high

    I made the water in this order by the way
    1: silica blast 4ml

    2: calmag 5ml

    3: pbp bloom 15ml

    4: liquid karma 4ml

    5: sweet 6ml

    6: hydroplex 4ml
  2. First off, your ppms are way to high lol i rarely go over 1000ppm... Also if your ph is 5.8 in hydro thats fine but if its soil then i would get it to about 6.5... Ill also say that i have used botanicare before with less than optimal results... May i suggest MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom? MaxiBloom used with liquid KoolBloom works wonders and is very cost effective... Botanicare in my opinion has to many parts. Im old school and like either an A&B formula or an all in one... Mixing multiple parts leaves more room for error in my opinion.
  3. Your bud is going to smell like mauve colored plastic flowers.

    Crazy statement huh? With those ppms, just wait.
  4. You probably have this figured out by now, but I would reduce your base to 3/4 strength, and cut the calmag in half. That should get you back in the ballpark.
  5. G gnome

    G gnome

    I wud say as a jumping off point 1700 is too high but not necessarily too high.

    Whoever sed 5.8 is too high ...i disagree. Hes usin a coco based medium and imo 5.8 is spot on.

    Runnin high ppms is not gonna effect the flavor adversely
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  6. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    They make something called sweet? Take my money.. All of it. Do they make sour too?
    Ditch that and youre probably overdoing the karma and silica blast too. Just a shot in the dark.