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Nutrients Inside Packaged Soil Question.

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by PassTheJ, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Its a little past week 5 veg and today was the first time my plants didnt pray. They seemed a bit depressed.

    I usually add solutions but this time I decided to just use the soil I made until the nutrients are gone. I read that theres about 3-4 weeks worth of food inside.

    I think it's gone. I'll be adding nitrogen to the next feed to see if it helps. Was just wondering if anyone has experience with the cut off line..
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  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Once the plants ask for it I give it to them. Eventually you’ll have a routine down where you’ll know how much nutes they’ll take before burning and how long you can go between feedings. Just takes a little time to get it dialed in. If they are hungry give em some food.
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  3. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Any pics bro so that we can see what the plant looks like
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  4. My problem is that I don't know. I always used solutions almost from first feed.. Today I'll water them. If they still look sad, then ill start with some nitrogen. 4 weeks in though, I think the soil is depleted imo. Was trying to see if anyone actually experienced the deadline and when.

    I'll post some pics later. They look fine. Just not perky. Like the wifes tits after 2 kids..
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  5. My FFOF soil lasted right around 4 weeks before it needed nutes.
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  6. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    What kind of nutes are you going to use? If you’re going to feed them organic nutes go ahead and hit em with it.
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  7. Sounds about right. I would start some light feeding, or if you're really unsure, let it go a little longer. If it's only honey for nitrogen, a lower leaf will yellow. If it's really starving for a lot, you'll see a myriad of symptoms occur over the next week or so, but mostly you'll notice nitrogen hunger first. Can always run water through and check ppm or make a slurry.
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  8. Thanks for the info. They havnt even begun showing any symptoms other then being a bit slouchy. Color is still vibrant green.

    What do ya'll recommend as a base line Ppm for start? I'm thinking 200 worth of nitrogen. If they perk up, 200 with every feed until switch..

  9. cant really put a deadline date on such practice,simply because the manufacture feed schedules and such are in controled envorment and all testing is done there way,so if they feed every day say a cup just to keep soil moist,that wont apply to you if you feed when they are just hungry if you dig,if the plant show signs of stressing feed um,make you a batch of tea to give um,always quick results with teas,just a tip though,as we all check are plants daily you can judge when to feed by just a tad of droop on the leaves,next day they will be full droop if you dig,first sign they arent as happy feed um
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  10. I get there is no exact date but this is my first time going ol' natural and just needed a bit feed back.
    This is how they always look when they're thirsty. But then they perk up within 6 hours after a feed. Unfortunately, this is how they look like after watering them now. I could only think it's my soil..
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  11. im going with a over feed,they droop for a few hours after feeding,that normal,still that way a day later,not enough oxygen to root zone ,do you drain to waste a bit or a lot,cure for problem is just feed them a cup or so a day no drain,soil stays moist and has better chance of uptaking minerals,drain to waste does flush salts out of bottom but also compact the soil after a while
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  12. I keep my drain to a bare minimum. I agree, too much flush and it's hard to keep track of what nutes stay and what go, leading to later problems.
    I water them approx 2 cups every 2 days atm. I prefer to wait for a little sag just to let the roots stretch a bit. They're oxygen intake is fine. Ive been making my own soil mix for a while and I didnt change anything. Not too dense. Not too fluff. Water drains just fine too..

    But yea, it's been 24 hours and that's how they look. Never perked up. I'm about to feed them. Going to add 200ppm of nitrogen. Want to get ahead of it. I'm pretty sure that's the problem..

    I hope..
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  13. For normal size plants my daily maximums are usually like 150n 150p 300k 150ca 100mg. Those would be hard numbers on salt in soilless with mega good runoff or a plain water flush first. For a plant to need 200ppm of n daily, it would have to be at least a 4x4 plant.
  14. You did notice homie when you said they looked depressed. That's when they lost access to a nutrient.
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  15. dont get to caught up on isolating,nit,phousfurus,potash,best way to really screw the root zone up,got any epsome salt,if so give them a tbsp of that to a gallon,better yet do like me and top dress it in the top soil,next feed they will get um some lmao,the reason i say this is for the fact,that with cannabis and mineral chart,you will see it is really easy to swing off either way for your cal,mag and phos,real easy,keep that in going 6.5 across the board and you be getting high if you dig,some plants are picky indeed and like more or less of a swing but not more than 1 point either direction,you can think it N but not really,you still in veg and would think thats it,but them plants might fool you and bust out to flower when you didnt plan it,happens alot with my shit,soon as i wont to work a bush into the tent,bam plant says im ready freedy hahahah,looking at them plants which look fine,you better have some ceiling room for sure,right now looking at them im saying another 2ft at the least come stretch
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  16. That's where my SpyderXPlus comes in. Those lights are 7ft high and could be 6in off. The tallest is a 4th gen Girl Scout that peaks at 6 1/2 ft with stand.

    I'll probably have to lower them in the end.. lol
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  17. I'm almost 100% sure its nitrogen. If it doesnt work, I'll add a multivitamin..
  18. Listen to this. I say a tsp of epsom though cause 1g/gal is like 75ppm, so a tbsp/gal is like 1125ppm at .5 of mg s salts. If i went back in time id start with a simple one part like dynagro grow or foliagepro even and wait to notice hunger like you're doing. If you try to get into ppms too fast you'll ruin consistency in feed. The ppm maxes i gave are not balanced and i would never feed all that. My point was to emphasize how huge a plant would be to need 200ppm a day of N or even every 2 or 3 days. That would really only be outdoors and she'd get that from down below. There's no reason to salt down a plant. 400ppm or less of a good one part will feed any normal plant for 1-3days. If using balanced salts you use a lot of runoff to rinse old salts, however this is less relevant in peat and coco because they have reactions with the nutrients. Point is. Start feeding a known balanced feed now. Always try to feed around just enough because there's no benefit to adding more. She uses them like tools to do shit, not like food where she'll get bigger with more.
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  19. That's why I'm trying to be as conservative as I can. I havnt added a single thing other then H2o so far.. I've also never used Epsom salt. Tbh I've followed general hydroponic soil to drain expert chart word for word and have gotten pretty good results with some shitty lights. Now I have these nice lights and I'm taking it really simple. I haven't training them. No topping. Just clones the way they came out my clone machine. So far it's been perfect. You're right. I misspoken. 200ppm a week or so. And after a while I sort of just went from memory. Usually turns out well. I run into problems half way through the flower and sort of figure things out and save them. So I'm trying not to fuck up this time.
  20. Are you changing feed dramatically then? It is it their increase in nutrient intake that stops you up? I usually just add 100or200ppm more intake of one part around w5or6. They use nitrogen heavily their whole life and there isn't science behind dramatically cutting it in flower. I dont do anything special for my hunt trays. They run out their peat then get one part at 1/2tsp or about 200ppm, then tsp or 350-400ppm at w5 or 6, whenever they show hunger. My larger production plants take up a 4x4 and get 400 their whole life after depleting inpeat nutrients and 600 once they start swell. You can use gh floratrio similarly. For that i do silica and calmag then just 1/2tsp micro and bloom equal and that's it. Cut that in half and that's the 200mix. What do you have on hand and what do you want to do now that you know more?
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