Nyc hp 13

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by JayBee, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. JayBee

    JayBee International Toker

    I cant see the green of the buds guys, they are just totallly covered in a layer of white crystals. Insane.

    Will try to put up some updated pics soon, will be cutting her down in next 7 days. Today is day 59 flower.
  2. true grit

    true grit Moderator Staff Member

    Dope broham, can't wait to see pics....was poppin seeds this morn and realized I need to pop some of these. What kind of structure do they grow in? Heard testers call it more single stalk wth little branching, see you used bendy things, did she train well?
  3. organickat

    organickat Farmer

    Both of my mother are real hollow stems(thick as f#@k) and are growing single stem with small branches that grow with the main stem and leaf's are fat and crinkled ..I just started clones of both
  4. SSHZ

    SSHZ Guest

    I own a few packs of these and the NYC HP's and I'm now scared to pop these, for fear that a room full of these will be too overpowering an odor to control.......... to anyone who ever had a room full of these- could you manage the smell?
  5. pimpin

    pimpin strain hoarder

    am so glad i got a pack cant wait 2 see some dry pics
  6. organickat

    organickat Farmer

    I don't know about flowering them but they REEK in veg so I'm upgrading my filter as we speak.I know the real hp13 is foul as hell
  7. JayBee

    JayBee International Toker

    I actually did not do a lot of bending. Fimmed once early on and i have three thin main stems with not much branching on each. Not expecting big yeild, although my clone that i jsut started flowering couple weeks ago has a lot more bending and i expect to yeild twice as much (i have gotten really good with these bendz now, can double or even triple the number of tops just from bending with these plastic elbows).

    Will put up some pics later.

  8. Sway

    Sway Guest

    ive wanted a real HP cut for a long long time now... looks killer jaybee. much respect. post some pre-chop pics if u can
  9. LivingTheDream

    LivingTheDream New Farmer

    JayBee, may i ask where you got those plastic elbows? They look very handy!

  10. pimpin

    pimpin strain hoarder

    :wonderingwhat he said bro
  11. Weedobix

    Weedobix Farmer

    Hey all, is there gonna be anymore of these at all? I'd love to get me some decent hashplant.
  12. JayBee

    JayBee International Toker

    Day 60

    Plastic elbows come from a shop in UK, Progrow Hydro. Check google and you should find them the shop. THe elbows are called "Bendz".

    Here are a couple quick snaps right after lights out.

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  13. winta

    winta Well-Known Farmer

    that bitch gettin chunky and im sure its funky :)
  14. chunkymunky

    chunkymunky Farmer

    that is for sure winta, nice and chunky just the way i like it. cant complain about the resin either.
  15. organickat

    organickat Farmer

    I really gotta give props to JJ for this strain it's the first one i had since dj short that is very structally the same even the males and I had the org hp13 but lost it and now I feel it's back but better..and I can't stress how strong these plants are..Again mad props bro
  16. JayBee

    JayBee International Toker

    So dank! Smoking a little spliff of this right now while the rest is still drying and I am really baked. Got a clone of this HP-13 plant already on week 3 of flower and did a lot more bending so I expect bigger yeild on this next harvest. I Love this weed and will be keeping this mom for sure. Great stone/high. No good pics right now, but will try to get up some dry shots this week.

    I think one of my earliest posts was about looking for HP-13, many thanks to JJ-NYC, Hip Cat, and TopDawg seeds for providing the masses with a serious HP-13 seed line. Cant wait to get to my stardawg and DUD seeds...

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  17. bigherb

    bigherb Farmer

    glad you found your mom and are soo pleased with the strain

    im posted for a smoke report after cure

    those pics already look sic that bud structure is hp13 bb

    got me droolin n itchin

  18. JayBee

    JayBee International Toker

    So, weigh in was 30 grams. Not huge compared to some others, but more than i expected so i am happy. This is my favorite weed right now. Only smoked a couple uncured joints, but the head on this one is awesome.
  19. JayBee

    JayBee International Toker

    Just harvested round two with clone of this plant. Did a lot more bending this time round, also a few extra additives, and total dry weight was 60 grams. So exactly double what i got last time. I am sure additives helped little bit but for sure it was the bending that is responsible for most of that extra weight. Both rounds plants were in 2.5 gallon hempy buckets.

  20. JJ-NYC

    JJ-NYC Breeder Staff Member

    Was the smoke any better?