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Old Bottle Of Zone From Dutch Masters

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by dumbthumb, May 7, 2018.

  1. i have an old bottle. the black bottle, uses copper sulfate i think.
    have decided to start using pool shock which is calcium hydrochloride.
    already had some of the zone in use. did mixing these two possibly kill one of my plants?
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  2. ask DM.
  3. i dont think they will talk about it since they did not sell it.
    this was the original product before the company was sold.
    the new people revamped everything.
  4. heisen


    Zone sucks and pool shock only works to an extent,It evaporates in a few days and youll have to add more,Impossible to know how much evaporated and what got left behind,
    I started using Hydroguard a while back and never looked back.That shit is the real deal,You could also make your own bennies but i dont have time for all that.The hydroguard solved every one of my brown algae root diseases.

    All my roots like this from the time i started using it last year

  5. well i have high rez temps so bennys are out for now.
    if you like hydroguard you should consider the em-1 concentrate
    version of the same thing. you put a teaspoon or two in a jug of water along with a teaspoon or two of molasses and you let brew a couple weeks to
    make a gallon.
    and actually i stumbled across another one half the price same concentrate style
    goes for half the price.
    i'll think of the name.
  6. heisen


    I tried Zone once and almost killed my plants,The reason i run RDWC is for simplicity.The last thing i wanna do is mix cocktails and have to keep up with more crap.I buy a gallon of HG that i just add to the systems and be done with it.Simple and it works.
    My buddy is using HG in his systems and running 76 degrees water temps.
  7. if anyone knows the name of the EM-1 competitor i thinking of please speak up.
    seems like i saw it on amazon a month ago and maybe the guy used to be part of the EM-1 team and went out on his own or something?
  8. I found it!.
    concentrated hydroguard microbial innoculant

    less than half the price creates 10x the effective coverage.
    u can probably make 20 gallons of innocualnt for dosing.