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Oregon Diesel, Verov7 Redwood Cobs, Co2, Scrog

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by DETtoPDX, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Live from Portland Oregon.
    Strain: Tardis (OregonDieselxTimeWreck) from Home Grown Natural Wonders OR.

    Current Tent Temp/Humidity: 77 deg F / 40%
    Night Time: 60-65 deg F / 45-50%

    5 Regular seeds have sprouted. Local farm claims regular seeds have more stable genetics, lets see if it holds true

    Light: Timber Grow Lights Vero v7 redwood, went with no lenses on the Cob’s for ^Intensity, plenty of coverage to work with in a 5x5. You all know what seedlings look like, no need to zoom in
    Currently light is 24” above pots and dimmed to lowest setting.

    Fan: 240 Cfm 6” duct fan with carbon filter.

    Pots and Soil:
    STARTpot: 4 x (0.3L) air pots. 1xplastic cup
    Bottom quarter—FF ocean forest
    Mid quarter—OF:LightWarrior 2:1 mix
    Top half: Light Warrior:OF 2:1 mix, LW layer on top. Germinated seeds in top LW layer.

    ENDpot: 4 x (6L) Hercules pot. Similar to air pot but sturdier, it is the lonely upside-down base pot in my picture.
    Bottom THIRD—Nature’s Living Organics SuperSoil (subcool’s tweaked version) also on Amazon. Mixed at a rate of 1/lb for 1.5-2 gallons of Ocean Forrest, which is kinda hot. If you know what I mean. And then a 4:1 ocean Forrest light warrior mix on top. For this pot, plants will be mature.

    Co2: Will be implementing Co2 when they reach ~5 nodes, and documenting strategies for gas containment with room sealing tactics.
    Regulator: Titan Controls 120v
    Monitor: Autopilot APC820 w/Co2 Probe

    Will be using the SCROG technique down the road, at a heightened canopy level 2ft+. I use a stretchy Cargo Net, like the ones in trunks of cars. Get one to fit your tent so it just barely stretches.

    I have a 4x6 that works great for a 5x5 tent, with some slight manipulation to stretch. Comes with easy plastic hooks that have a hole straight down their center. I place my tent poles through the clip hole when setting up my tent, that way it’s ready and secure. You could also use zip ties, Which come in handy with SCROG anyway

    Enjoy, see you in a month or so. Lots of pics to come.
  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Nice setup. Can’t wait to see what’s to come. Good luck.
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  3. DismalDude

    DismalDude Moderator Staff Member

    Hell yeah,love the Redwood!
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  4. Update on plants and room, I sealed my grow room with weather stripping and a door sweep. Check out the pictures, I left detailed instructions on a Co2 information thread I created.
    11121D40-3263-4B0C-B0DB-128B8D0E578F.jpeg AD4C0850-47D5-4EB8-92DA-F3EE57DC7E6A.jpeg 7E5D8086-ED73-4AB1-85F4-688FB467AB92.jpeg

    More updates to come!
  5. 879FB3A3-4AC9-4683-B51A-F6E072E08033.jpeg 9FAEAF6B-2268-4132-BCC2-CD22B48DBF5E.jpeg 3BC5CEA9-27A8-4E64-9A39-D14F488CF488.jpeg 46E0DC3B-1ABD-4C14-9FC9-FE48092B9E40.jpeg 66A7B2DF-13FC-4D11-97D2-45DAB87E935D.jpeg
    Update: got the co2 system ready. Plants will be ready for co2 and higher temperatures next week, so I totally sealed each seem inside the tent with gorilla tape. Once my humidifier gets here, I will start co2. RH% should be 75% when temperatures are at 83 F deg, even at 73 deg F, RH% should be 65 or 60%. Growers targeting 40-50% RH should only do so if signs of bud rot occur, because these relative humidities give the optimal vapor pressure differential at the preceding temperatures. Outside of the temperatures, plants are not taking in the full amounts of Co2.
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  6. 6F8050FE-9B7E-4F75-8E2F-34B2915A8DCA.jpeg Plants like it outside, definitely turning the Redwood past 20% now. Saving on energy during the last nice days here in Portland.
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  7. 60s at night is to cold for the beginning, it'll really slow the growth down. I like to drop into the 60s last 2 weeks in flower for trichome production
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  8. Ah makes sense I’m maintaining 70 F now.
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  9. CD78D88D-76F2-4CE3-A713-51284196376B.jpeg Three Tardis plants of unknown sex coming along swell. Since they’re unknown, I decided the 5x5 will take on 2 feminized Amherst Sour Diesel seeds.
    Micro watering to conserve nutrients, tiny run off if any. I also germinated one Regular Frost Boss from Homegrown Natural Wonders, just for grins. Supposedly a super resinous strain I was saving but I figure now is as good a time to find out if it’s a male as any.
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  10. BB263FE4-F954-4300-88D2-39874281EAB8.jpeg Got Temp and humidity dialed in to 80 degrees at 70% RH, so I started Co2 today. Gorilla taped all the seems just in case and it’s just chilling at 1200 ppm in the 5x5 tent. Autopilot monitor with infrared probe working perfect and keeping tabs. Regulator screwed on nice and tight. It hasn’t even kicked on since hour 0, I’ve been doing homework out in the living space and I haven’t heard the alarm for when Co2 rises past the set point. It’s staying prettt constant in there, although it initially jumped to 2000ppm before I figured out where to set the flow meter. That alarm is faint outside the door too.. can’t even hear the inline fan running anymore when it’s on either, I sealed it good. But of course right now, inline’s off.
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  11. CD9FB0A4-43EF-4DA6-A5B0-01A0AB0D3DB9.jpeg This pic was taken Wednesday night. After about 72 hours of remedial Co2 treatment, plants are growing exponentially, forming multiple new leaves each day. Closed loop ventilation is an enormous success, and in fact keeps temperature and humidity even more stable than I hoped. Steadily 79-81 F and 65-75% humidity depending on time of day. Co2 absolutely just sits at 1050-1300 as the plants absorb it. My Co2 flips on maybe once a day for 10 seconds TOPS, but it never had to turn on yesterday. VERO COBs emit way more than 1200 ppfd at 30” distance, so I turned down to 30-40% wattage. Time to sit and watch.
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  12. Nice dude
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  13. Sorry to double post today, but all three Tardis plants outgrew their 1 L pots at 14 days. Today they went to 25 L homes. Time to compare the Hercules pot to the air pot. Both pots enhance air flow, but Hercules has already made watering easier with its unique shape and design, it funnels water down with a tapered lip at the top. No more water flying out the sides of the pot when you water the edges. 7929710D-F798-48ED-AFBF-8257804A85C3.jpeg 7A14B3B1-F8C1-4E48-B5E3-DCB3ADA24DD2.jpeg 4E5326B4-2D31-4472-9C79-8C0915127120.jpeg
  14. For anyone interested this is the Co2 difference. Plants are starting to become large enough to take advantage, went from watering 6 days to 2 days. Indicating, photosynthesis has increased, and the 2nd set of true leaves over a span of 22 hours has proved this to me indefinitely. A084AE4E-2D9D-4848-95CA-FFA75E9EC08E.jpeg

    I also sprouted Cali’s Humboldt diesel to square off against Oregon Diesel, 14 days behind. Battle of the West Coast Diesels. 041551F8-5995-4A1D-9FB0-5F6A464FA270.jpeg
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  15. 3CDAD94D-AA5A-4B6B-B973-E903952C6E3E.jpeg F01392C9-2BBA-48BC-A9C9-316BC762BC56.jpeg Plants have been topped, day 20. Overnight, day 21 we have recovery. New shoots should go vertical tomorrow.
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  16. A46BD8EE-236D-4D41-A774-D48F4B083ED3.jpeg [​IMG]
    SCROG is underway, Net is a little small, I think I’m going to set up a larger one. This was for my 4x4 and it’s a little thin on the edges for my 5x5. Plants are super happy, but one of the Humboldt diesels was a little thirsty after I left town for a few days, but nothing terrible. They were also recently transplanted, I’ll be keeping an eye on that one, but it seems ok for now.
  17. 645CA746-F3C8-4854-A655-E29C49169931.jpeg Male down, male down. One tardis plant showed little pollen sacs 2 days after light flip. Good news: small humboldt diesels love the extra space. 4 final females passed the gender test and are smelling gassy already, 3 days into flower. Doing some defoliating tonight, I need maximum bud sites. They will look a bit thinner next time I post but will have hosts of extra bud sites that will surely refoliate the plant in no time. I’ll probably defoliate once or twice more after they recover and bush out again :) so much growing left to be done!
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  18. Awesome grow!

    Timber and Vero is for the win, awesome genetics choices (hope you find a good pheno choice/keeper)

    Well only thing I see your doing a little “incorrect “ is your temps( if you know that just trying to help anther farmer out eh ). The temps is for the preference for HPS/MH (72-78f) where led’s should be at 80+ ( 82-84f with c02 )

    When I started doing that for my led’s = BOOM with explosion in both veg/flower (C02 is not efficient intill 78+)

    Veg = C02 700ppm - 1,000 , Flower = C02 1,000-1500

    Subscribed and i’m For the ride!
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  19. Thanks for the tips. Yeah during Veg I read I needed between 79 and 84 Deg F, not sure if I posted a lower temp in the early days, before I started the co2. It depended on my fan speed controller, and whether the air flow was recirculating co2 or not. Sealed room for the win, I did both when temps got too hot turning the vero up for flower. Humidity I adjust with a set point controller, humdifier, and neg pressure is my dehumidifier.

    One quick question, do you mean canopy level temperature should be 84 degrees? I have a nice temperature sensor chilling on the scrog net along with the humidity controller’s sensor. At flower 84 seems pretty hot, I won’t risk Hermies above 80 honestly and you seem well-read enough to know 1 degree makes all the difference in vapor pressure differential and/or a plant cell’s max heat resistance.

    Either way the sealed room has been the key. And yeah I set the meter to 1100 in veg and it stayed between 1000-1100. I will probably set it at 850 next time I veg, and bump it up because you are right, only after the fact did I read that Co2 only need be in the 700-1000 range.
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  20. Failed to water before leaving for vegas, slight yellowing. Hopeful stoner knowledge tells me slight stress may have driven flowering faster. Not doing it again, getting frosty. 1C7BF69F-1329-43D7-BF83-0D048666C3BF.jpeg EC29A1E8-9E94-4946-A409-B8C10E0529DD.jpeg B6D4B829-413F-461D-9FE7-C83E98C803C3.jpeg