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PH of dolomite lime ?

Discussion in 'Organic Soil' started by charlesweedmore, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. hi folks

    i'll make coco + worm casts + perlite mix and dolomite lime for 2tblspn for per gallon.

    the Coir has 5.7-6.5 ph and 0.2 Ec .

    but i think there is a something wrong.
    what is the PH rate of dolomite lime ?

    i found a dolomite lime in where i live and its ph rate is between 8.5 -10 (the rate is written on the label ).

    but i read "dolomite lime should have neutral ph 7 " .

    the dolomite i would use is normal ?
  2. ismokepot

    ismokepot Guest

    Every dolomitic lime bag I've ever bought had a pH of 7........ I'd pass on that bag and look elsewhere. Something isn't kosher.
  3. cway

    cway Guest

    Make sure you didnt get Hydrated LIme.. Dolomite Lime has a Nuetral PH of 7 but Hydrated is right around 8+ so be careful.. I used hydrated once and killed of a whole crop.. 30 something plants just gone :mad0233:
  4. it should have a pH of 7 i believe. The main use for dolomite lime is as a pH buffer and to bring the pH up of your grow medium. Having a slightly higher pH than 7 will not affect what it does to your grow medium as far as acting as a buffer.

    Having a higher pH only means that you should add less of it to adjust the ph levels. Coco is such a flexible media and already self buffers. Also, the pH can be given some working room in coco as it is highly flexible when it comes to nutrient availability and pH levels.

    Anything from 5.8-7.0 is oK for Coco. Even a mix like you have. If your mix is reading at 6..0-6.5 i wouldn't add much if any lime this go round. Next go round you def will have to add lime well if you reuse your media like i do of course.
  5. forman


    Should always be neutral at 7!

  6. dead center on the pH scale.

    SEVEN it is, and should be.

    lime is "natures neutral"
  7. slaked lime =hydrated lime ?

    And it is the dolomite lime i could find easily :

    and its ph is between 8 and 10.

    they said to me it is agricultural lime . is it dolomite lime that i want ?

    also grain of the that dolomite lime is 1.0 millimeter.

    is it ok ?
  8. i bought that was very cheap !

    i paid only 6 bucks for 110 lbs

    i'll use it as 2 tbsp for per gallon. :D
  9. rock it out an let us know how it works.

    if it pelletized, id pulverize it first, at the very least, before mixing.

    i know youre limited as to the resources available to you....
    just gotta do a lil extra effort and testing and as always, if somethin doesnt feel or sound right, just hit us up.
    theres always someone here thatll keep you goin straight!
  10. cway

    cway Guest

    I believe that is hydrated lime.. Be careful with it.. Id go like 1tbs first then adjust.. That shit is very strong.. You can very easily bring PH to 10 and kill off your plants..

    If you have a feed store in your town or Nursery then they should have Pelletized Dolomitic Lime .. Thats what I use.


    Read this.. Its Hydrated lime. I wouldnt even use it bro.. Trust me from experience.. Find you some Dolomitic Limestone.. If you do use it go very light..
  11. does anyone in uk know where to purchase dolomite lime thanks