PH up and PH down in the same Hydroponic solution

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  1. igeorge

    igeorge New Farmer

    PH Question

    I got a ph question I hope someone can please answer for me.

    PH up and PH down in the same Hydroponic solution? No good right?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Chris1

    Chris1 New Farmer

    fuck I hope not...haha
  3. motherlode

    motherlode Well-Known Farmer

    not the best case for sure - if you overshoot the down you can use some more fresh water to bring it back up if its just a few 10ths
  4. Giddeon

    Giddeon Active Farmer

    Agreed, I bought a qt of advanced ph up 5 years or so ago and its still almost full. Once I realized to just add tap water back to the solution incase of over dose I never used the stuff.
  5. gettogro

    gettogro Well-Known Farmer

    I have over shot ph down by a few tenths a few times and have added ph up. I didnt notice any ill effects. Not sure what the protocol is but it worked for me...
  6. igeorge

    igeorge New Farmer

    Thanks for the replys.

    I read if you use both in the same solution to discard the solution. It looked like a good source, one of these respected guys with 4k posts. This is why Im asking for any thoughts on this. It started when I wanted to learn to let my ph drift from 5.8 - 6.0. and it said to not mix the two to achive this. I get the adding water yo raise the ph, but Im not looking to lower my EC by doing so.

    Any other comments welcome and thanks!
  7. budboy299

    budboy299 Active Farmer

    I posted this in the coco section a few days back, so apologies for copy and pasting but I am too tired to write it out again...
    These ingredients are taken directly from their labels on their bottles of aqua flakes. Very popular brand which seems to work for quite a few ppl.

    Aqua Flakes part A is "Derived from Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate, Nitric Acid and Potassium Hydroxide"

    Potassium Hydroxide is PH up (also known as caustic soda or Lye)

    Part B is "Derived from Nitric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Phosphoric Acid, and Magnesium Sulphate

    Nitric Acid, Phosphoric acid are both used for PH down, while Potassium hydroxide is a PH up. Both opposite PH affecters being used within the same fertilizer.

    By that I would have to guess that having PH up and PH down within the same nutrient tank would have very little negative effect and possibly even have positive effects. After all potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus are all used by the plants and what is left over simply balances each other out.

    Again...I have no definitive proof of this but looking at the formula in which both exist, it is hard to see where it would be detrimental to anything. -BB
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  8. budboy299

    budboy299 Active Farmer

    I cannot see a reason to discard the solution unless you are actually seeing some negative effect on the plants.
    As aqua flakes contains both and is a respected brand...seems to me that the presence of both in the nutrient tank would be of little consequence.
    All things within reason of cannot add a gallon of each and just because it stays within the proper PH range means it would be ok.
    Normally to adjust PH, we would only be adding drops or very small mils in a whole tank full of nutes. So I cannot see the detriment to doing this. I have done it in the past with no ill effects, but it was only very small quantities of each.
  9. bobby-o

    bobby-o New Farmer

    what ever respected guy with 4k clearly dont know shit..

    Done it many times and nothing bad happened.

    the only thing that could be said is a major ph swing in the resevoir depening what is in there it could be damaged. If your using biologicals then yes a major drift in ph could be damaging. But thats inexperience if when your mixing your missing your ph target by that much.

    If you add ph down and it puts you at 5.9 instead of 6.1 , then yea add ph up and nothing will happen.

    You should be dropping it to 3.0 then brigging it back up to 6.0 that makes sense.

  10. smokestack23

    smokestack23 Farmer

    Maybe the guy who said to discard the mix works for a nute company?
    I've never had any problems...ever. I sureashell wouldnt discard my res full of nutes if I missed my target.
  11. Max Trichomes

    Max Trichomes New Farmer

    Hahaha... That's funny, I don't care who you are.
  12. igeorge

    igeorge New Farmer

    Thanks for the replys all!

    3.0 to 6.0? 3.0 sounds a bit acidic. No?
  13. igeorge

    igeorge New Farmer

    BTW: I'm using GH up and down.

    Ive got a chart that says proper mj hydro ph range is between 5.5 to 6.1. I think Im going to key in on these levels starting with 5.5 and moving up to 6.1.
  14. budboy299

    budboy299 Active Farmer

    Maybe bobby meant "shouldn't" instead of should. I have never seen anyone run it as low as 3 but hey maybe he has some insight into this.
  15. danseven

    danseven New Farmer

    Ok, here is a head scratcher for everyone. I am in the 3 rd week of flower and am using a mixture of several types of nutes. Super Natural Aqua Bloom, Cal-Mag, Igauna Juice Bloom, Sugar Daddy, B Cuzz PK, and Open Sesame. The Super Natural most always gets the water to 6.5 to 7 every time, but, something else in this mix keeps pushing the PH down to almost 5. to 5.5 after a day. I have just been checking it daily to make sure it stays at about or around 6.1 to 6.5. Since I am using the Super Natural, I never thought to check the PH, but over the last 2 weeks I have lost 6 plants, and they were some of the bad ass Bubba Kush. I was wondering if any one else has encountered this before. Something is really getting the PH down because water out of the filter is at 8. to 8.5 ever time.
  16. smokestack23

    smokestack23 Farmer

    What are you growing in? Have you looked at the roots?