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Phantom 315

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by RHINObeast, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. What’s up guys. I’d like to keep my ongoing work here from now on. I’ve moved on from blooming with full spectrum Led to hydrofarms phantom cmh. I’m using Phillips 3100k. I just bought my second set up, and I am very pleased with the color, uv and light intensity. I have more light penetration now than ever. Here’s the Jack Frost, chocolate mint, em-dog and my favorite the strawberry banana. Feeding with GH nutes.
  2. Will be running six strains only soon.
    Larry Og, Jack Frost, Strawberry Banana, tangie, chocolate Mint Og, and em dog. Blueberry and Og Kush are going away. I’m contemplating exchanging the Jack Frost for the sour Kosher again. I had a stretchy one the first time but maybe I’ll have another go soon.
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  3. nice set-up!
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  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of cmh growing.
  5. I remember reading somewhere that you get an LB off of 4 selective strains that you run. I feel that I have everything dialed in, however I’m not running co2 because I can’t where I am. What do you guys think is an honest yeild running 2 315s in this 4x8?
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  6. Genetics and grower environent are key factors. Toss 4 plants under each hood. You should be able to pull 4 measly oz off each plant. 4x4 =16oz per hood.
    Easy peasy
  7. That’s good news, then I should be right in that ballpark
  8. [
    Nice tent RHINObeast. Sour kosher is a very stretchy strain but love that smoke.
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  9. Here’s the blueberry 7 weeks in, she’s got about 2 weeks left in her. She’s starting to grab those purple edges
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  10. Hell yeah grim, I loved the smoke, but got annoyed with the stretch. I’m
    Hoping for a different pheno next go.
  11. As far as I know all sour kosher is stretchy. Just part of that strain. But let me know if u find one, I would love a short version.
  12. Speak of the devil
  13. GrowGod

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    Nice looking bud there!
  14. Blast from the past, that’s the Kosher
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  15. 3 weeks and a day today since flip. I’m more than excited about the production thus far. Should start packing on some weight this week. I’m up to 600-650 ppms now, last feed was 2.5 grow, 5ml micro, 2.5pk, and 5ml koolbloom. They were sitting at 400 ppms. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen burn yet. I’ve learned that the Jack and the tangie so far are nitrogen whores, but the strawbanana, em dog and chocolate mint are happy with a little calmag.
    Week 4-bloom/micro/grow - 700 ppms
    Week 5- ride out ppms
    Week 6- additives / pk blast - 800 ppms
    Week 7- bloom nutes - 850-900ppms
    Week 8 - ride out Ppms until mid week then flush
    Week 9 or more chop

    Tangie in the photo is 8 weeks in, I can tell she’s starting to swell and her trichomes are nice and cloudy, she still has 2 weeks left but couldn’t ask for a better run. She stinks and she is fat all the way down the stalk. 10 weeks seems ideal.
  16. DismalDude

    DismalDude Moderator Staff Member

    Nice setup!Is that Tangie from Crockett family? I've heard good things about it especially extracts.I think I'd like to try DWC someday but for now soil is just a better option as it's more forgiving.Looking great,love the tent!
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  17. very well set up ,some happy looking girls .. :)
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  18. Reserva Privada but you know DNA, Reserva and Crockett have all worked together. I believe they used one of Crockett’s and one of DNA’s to make their tangie, but I’m not sure on that. Either way man those three breeders have put in a lot of time to make some gassy shit lol
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  19. Thanks man, much appreciated
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  20. Lol I was just about to ask if that was from Crockett’s tangie but Dismaldude beat me to it. Looking good can’t wait to see finished product.
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