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Plant Available Silicon, Soluble Silicon In Fertilizer Sources, Aafpco Approved Method

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Quantrill, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Plant available silicon fertilizer soluble silicon chart.jpg

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  2. Very interesting. Thanks for posting. I'm trying to decide whether to use silicon or not in my grow. If I DO use it this is very helpful info.
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  3. Junk


    You know you have gone too far with your soil recipe when you are adding fossil shells. :)
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  4. Im not sure about the benefits of adding silicon base products. It's why I haven't yet. I'm still looking at all the info etc. My last grow was fantastic for yields and they did really well considering all the abuse they got and that was without silicon added. I'm trying to understand how silicon would help my plants and is it worth it. I'm still sat on the fence.
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  5. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    @Quantrill did you spring for these tests yourself, or did you nudge the information out from elsewhere?
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  6. I paid for the AgSil 16H and Permaguard FSF analysis.

    Osa/28 provided the stabilized silicic acid products analysis on their website.
    The rest of the chart came from the paper linked in the opening post, which was sponsored by Harsco Metals.
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  7. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I'm pretty damned bad at math, but I can see the differences in those numbers.
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  9. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    Go figure a true ag product wuth real research takes the cake where as a hydro store dudes product is lower n pricier....again cannabis is nicknamed weed for a reason....really isnt the toughest thing to grow!
  10. Will grow right out of a crack in the sidewalk baba!lol.
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  11. I've found out the hard way that MOST hydro store equipment is junk, shit people oughta re bottle that good ag shit and call it something cool and not practical. they'd be swimming in cash
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  12. Nope, but I'd bet it is just freshwater DE in water.

    For $102 you can get Thornton Labs to test it for plant available silicon(soluble) and see how it compares.
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  13. Updated table of Plant Available Silicon in several different fertilizer sources.
    Plant Available Silicon of Fertilizer Sources.jpg
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  14. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

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  15. Does anyone have a source for Agsil 25 the liquid version of Agsil 16h?

    Agsil25 has slightly less plant available silica compared to Agsil16 powder (7.6 ppm versus 8.5 ppm), but way less total silica 2.5x less at (24.6 ppm in Agsil16 versus 9.7 ppm in Agsil25) so thats way less non plant available available silica thats doing nothing for your plant and raising the PH of your reservoir. Agsil25 seems like the superior product but where can you buy it?
  16. Custom Hydro Nutrients has a PQ corp product under the name of Sil-Matrix
  17. Right on, thanks man !
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  18. so you can see that agsil 16h actually maxes out the test results.

    it is likely much closer to the total silicon concentration.
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  19. SchapMd


  20. Plant Available Silicon of Fertilizer Sources v3.jpg
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