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whats your oil yield per oz?

  1. less than 2 grams

    5 vote(s)
  2. 2-4

    13 vote(s)
  3. 4-6

    7 vote(s)
  4. 6-8

    3 vote(s)
  1. seventhchild

    seventhchild New Farmer

    Please post extraction method, strain if you know it , and how you weighed it [scales or guessing]
  2. seventhchild

    seventhchild New Farmer

    butane, old ,seeded, shity bud, scales
  3. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Hashish Moderator Staff Member

    i wont grow any strains that wont give me 15% (=4.25 from 28). some strains will give 25% on a good day.
  4. thc4sim

    thc4sim New Farmer

  5. seventhchild

    seventhchild New Farmer

    this is a POLL not a tutorial.........the difference between 15% and 25% is huge gentlemen....Please list the strain if you know it
  6. BayArea

    BayArea New Farmer

    2 to 3 grams per once using high grade trimmings - 99% Alcohol extraction - Skywalker - Sour Bub mix
  7. Mother Chucker

    Mother Chucker New Farmer

    very similar.
    but 2-4 with white widow.
  8. mellofello

    mellofello Farmer

    Think I got about 7g of BHO per oz last harvest. Was some bubba kush x dpd and some chem DD silver trim and the odd little bit of air bud. Varies laods I find, these were probably my best yeilding strains oil wise


  9. seventhchild

    seventhchild New Farmer

    25% is awesome,lf you used hmk's method and achieved 80%-90% yield then your pot is app 1/3 oil by weight !!!!can anyone else name a verity that yields so will?
  10. i average around 20% with OG KUSH buds. been using HMK's method, the man has got it down to a science!
  11. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light Staff Member

    I usually do 40-60 gram runs but I have no idea what I start with, usually 1/4 of a homer bucket smashed down. I use trim and full stripped plants bud and all but I also freeze everything as fresh trim so there is a huge amount of water wieght in there in the beginning.

    Gram wieght by fillin on my digi scales

  12. seventhchild

    seventhchild New Farmer

    4 GRAMS per oz seems to be the average yield
  13. Is oil really worth it when it takes an ounce of white widow to make a few grams of oil...I dont know if I could stomach using so much primo weed for such a small amount of oil...i mean that weed has a value of $300-$400 per ounce, so your talking about the oil costing around $100 per gram.....But I have never tried oil so maybe im missing out...
  14. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Hashish Moderator Staff Member

    i take 99% of all my buds and make it into oil. have for many years now :)

    totally worth it imo.
  15. Donk Frog

    Donk Frog Guest

    Dazednconfused if you had ever tried bomb oil you would know it makes all weed seam WEAK.......when I have good oil or budder, I won't even smoke weed
  16. bicycle racer

    bicycle racer New Farmer

    not sure exactly did a few plants of an outdoor seeded grow yielded a few thousand seeds and about 30 grams of bho. if unseeded i would have doubled oil yield i would guess as the plants were mostly seeds over pollinated lesson learned.
  17. seventhchild

    seventhchild New Farmer

    I know many people who could smoke 1/4 oz of bud a day but none that could vape a gram of good oil in the same time period .Yes, my friend you are missing out.
  18. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light Staff Member

    If you smoke oil, your weed consumption is a fraction of what it used and you are twenty times as high...believe me, I toss way better stuff than WW right into the oil bucket...I pretty much grow weed so i have something to put my oil on in the bowl..

  19. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light Staff Member

    Oil is measured by volume and not wieght, the specific gravity of each batch is different so the wieght varies...ml or drams are the best way to measure..

  20. Hrpuffnstuff

    Hrpuffnstuff Farmer

    i get hung up on the oils too , but after few days feels like theres an elephant sitting on my chest ,
    ahhh the smell of victory
    Nothin like the smell of fresh burnt Oils in the Morning LOL