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poll:oil yield per oz

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by seventhchild, Sep 12, 2009.

whats your oil yield per oz?

  1. less than 2 grams

    5 vote(s)
  2. 2-4

    16 vote(s)
  3. 4-6

    12 vote(s)
  4. 6-8

    7 vote(s)
  1. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Moderator Staff Member Supporter


    ya you dont know me ,you are right. my average oil consumption is between 0.75-1.25 grams of oil a day. heck i did a .7 in one toke one time :D
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  2. westsworld

    westsworld Guest

    never even heard of "oil".... looks like one to try!!
    can you buy it or is it something only the growers every really get as it takes so much to make so little? dont think i could do that to my bud. going to try and make some iso end of my crop but only with the tiny crappy buds at the bottom and the leaves
  3. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    if you live in cali and are med some clubs sell it - BHO is illegal in cali, but that dont stop some places - though they usually dont even know if ist ISO or BHO...

    I have never vaped oil yet - but have been a big fan since the 80's of coating a paper and rolling a fat J with it! its nice on top of a bong hit too - cant wait till the day I get my HMK vape!
  4. i can see by the self portrait in your avatar that you've evolved beyond us mere mortals ,7/10 gram------one hit---------wtf--------wt...----du---du---du---du---YA SCARING MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![running away]
  5. good purps gives about 5.50 grams per oz of oil and bananna kush did the same. the best yield i got was 3.20 grams from a half oz of green crack (not fav. strain good oil though) worst yield my friend ran an oz and got 1.65 grams (cheap stuff not mexi). use a 0.00 gram scale, product is cured bud purchased for smoking locally as i do not grow do to laws, my children, and neighbors but mostly my daughters mom is a trip!!!!!


    pic is of some purple sativa (average mid grade) got 2gr per half oz
    hash run 16.JPG
  6. we smoke lots round here!!!!! 1gr nug + 1gr oil = 1 good blunt but we smoke 4 to 5 a day (2-3 people), and i put at least point 2 on every hit probably smoke like a quarter oz of bud and 2-4 grams oil daily (with friends and fam of course)(rough guesses only dont wiegh every hit lol)
  7. just did 112gr of good x-mas mexican commercial brick weed. i dont smoke the stuff ever!!
    got back 10gr of surprisingly decent oil nice dark amber color aswell. its funny that mersh had 8.9% and some cheap shit(canadian (i think) not so good) that cost 5x more only had like 5% thc and a little better taste. wtf. 112gr mexi cost less than 14gr of the realy good dank. just made some gdp, rasberry kush, purple diesel D, and Bananna Kush cant wait
  8. No it's not worth that. buy it on the street for 60 or find dealers with oz prices more around 200 an oz for dank!!! Even if u have to buy a few of them it will save u a ton. I haven't paid 300-400 for an oz since my first toke. So just find a good dealer
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  9. Using below average trim - 1.1
    Average to below average bud - 3.6 last run
    Primo bud - 5.9 out of my last run. And 1.5 from second run primo bud.

    Glass extraction tube. Open blast. Have been using fasfil 5 x and clipper 7x. Blast into pyrex and hot water bath between 100 and 125F until bubbles stop or nearly stop forming. Then I gather it into middle of pyrex (continue keeping temp between 100 and 125) and whip it until bubbles no longer form.

    Going to try winterizing my next batch with 99% iso instead of whipping.
  11. Aldo, breaking the buds to about .5 nugs or a little smaller for first run. The second run I did with the primo bud I turned it basically into dust with a grinder.
  12. DemonTrich

    DemonTrich Moderator Staff Member

    I just gave my guy 118.7g of keif (buddies), and 41.23z of trim to run. I'll see what the results are in about 2 weeks or so.
  13. rmoltis

    rmoltis The Beast Slayer Supporter

    The thing I liked most about oil.

    The plant matter being removed leads to a smoother smoke.
    When I smoke regular weed I develop a smokers cough from the plant matter.
    No matter how flushed, smooth etc.
    When I smoke oil there is no smokers cough.
    BTW I have never smoked cigarettes.
    So I have never had a smokers cough unless I smoke flowers.

    Its pretty obvious giveaway at work when people see me never smoke yet I have a cough for no reason.

    Oil solves this problem.
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  14. waxman


    Glass tube, AK47, 28 grams of buds on digital scales, Newport Butane. Results were my best to date at 7.23 grams of final product. Around 23-24% return.
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  15. waxman


    Thought I'd throw up some pics..
    after scrape #1
    Under throttled vac, I did not realize how much yield that I got back. My parchment was to small. lol #2
    Under full vac after 2 hrs of throttling it. I use no heat on the 1st pull. #3
    Out to flip. #4
    Finished product. Smile! #5
  16. Got my best return a few days ago.... 31% rosin yield with bodhi's black triangle pressed in a rosin evolution bag on a medisun manual press.9 gram press
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  17. vangs


    im looking into buying a medisun press.. isnt rosin suppose to yield less than bho? like 15% return.. you got 3grams from a 9 gram press?
  18. vangs


    gg4 nug run 26.9%thc---28grams rosin press-----7.9grams return------190F---------- i believe my friends unit was the medisun press.. i will be buying the sasquatch rosin press so ill update results next week. how long do you guys press the nugs when you use a rosin press? 5 seconds correct<?
  19. Ikke


    7 grams rso. Everlear extraction using a mxture of sour diesel, golden goat, rockstar kush and some northern lights. Used a scale to weigh it. (mostly buds)
  20. rob1now


    Just curious, how many bottles of butane are you using? If you are using an entire case (which lets say runs $80 rounding up), and still only getting 5-6's not very cost effective. Now if only using 3-4 cans of butane per oz of material, that's an entire different ballgame! Got like 5 oz of seeded primo greenhouse buds, and im trying to decide how many cases I need. Think you can help?