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Purging Technique

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by COliving, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. So I've got the terpinator mk3 recirculating extractor. I know how to use the machine. My question is, what to do with it once I've ran it through the machine. Everything I've made so far is garbage in my opinion. Taste horrible, looks like burnt oil out of my deisel truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated on techniques to purge it. I have a vacuum chamber and pump.
  2. MrRojos


    No pro here but if it looks like the oil from a truck sounds like you need a oil literally.
    Thinking your getting to much debris in your gear I've seen that happen where it comes out a dark greenish/black color when the filter isn't doing what it's suppose to.No pro though but worth looking into.
  3. I typically turn it into cotton candy, instead of burned diesel oil.

    Did you predistill your butane to remove the mystery oil? What butane did you use?

    What process did you use? There are many.
    85F extraction-1-1.jpg
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  4. Yes butane was distlled before use. To distill it I ran it through the terp machine from my 50# tank thru machine, into recovery tank. I used butane from ecogreen I think. 99% pure.
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  5. Mine has never come out of the spool looking like that. I did distill my butane, through the machine into a recovery tank, where it now lives. I used both filters on the end and coffee filters inside.
    To purge it, I'm not sure what you'd call the method I used. Except for the one the clearly does not work. I scrapped it from my bowl into a pyrex container lined with parchment paper. From there I put it in my vac chamber ( which is a pot type vac chamber) put the vac chamber into simmering water and attempted to heat it while it was under vacuum. Again horrible idea, horrible results. It taste burnt, smells like shit, and is dark.
  6. Also sorry, I though I responded to this hours ago before I left for the mountain, but obviously forgot to hit reply. Thanks for the help!
  7. What is your process for extracting?

    I set a Mk III beside the 60/85F warm water tank, and just periodically stick it in during recovery, to remove the ice and see where it reforms. That will drop the temperature of the solution to the boiling point of the LPG gas used.

    During the latter stages, where there isn't enough butane left to cool through evaporation, I stop adding heat all together.

    When the recovery pump hits -22" Hg, I switch to the high vacuum pump and keep going, so that the oil is inflated into a foam and held in that condition until it dries and hardens.
  8. I've been keeping my mkIII in the water bath at 85ish. I've let it just sit the whole run until final extraction from the machine. What's is your process to remove it from the "bowl"? What is your final purgr technique? How stable is the end product?
  9. Also what are you using for material to start? Mines is all trim, some hand trim, a lot of machine trim.
  10. No need to have it in the water except to remove the ice, unless you are in a hurry.

    To remove cotton candy, I just stick the pot in the freezer for about 30 minutes, whisk the cotton candy into dust, and pour it out on parchment or PTFE film.

    I do a final purge at around 115F and -29.5" Hg. I can get anything from shatter to crumble, depending on what we are shooting for. They are typically stable and have low to non detectable solvents testing with a GC.

    If I'm winterizing, I pour in ethanol and dissolve it in the pot, before filtering it and sticking in the freezer.
  11. Do you use a vacuum oven, a hot plate, what keeps your product at 115F consistently. After buying a house, grow equipment, and various other odds and ends the vac oven did not make the cut until I start to see some action back out of it all. BUT as I said in my first post, everything I've come out with this far was junk. :-\
  12. I've used both DIY vacuum chambers and vacuum ovens, which have PID controls to control the temperature.

  13. Hi Im running winterized CO2 oil fresh off my roto evap and having trouble getting it to shatter. Current parameters are vac set to 101F @29.9"Hg. The pump is run continuously with slabs in the oven. We are 1:4 for a successful shatter slab. if you could offer any advice it would be great.