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Purple Chem

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by soaringfast, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I scored a couple of packs of Purple Chem yesterday.
    I have been growing Urkel forever and it seems my genetics have drifted so I'm looking for a replacement.
    I'm hoping out of the 20 beans I will get a great pheno that turns color.
    This is a very interesting gene pool for sure. Chem dawg 91/ Male Black water. Seems like there are lots of possibilities.

    I'm going to start to germinate them tonight in wet paper towels. I don't have any space to grow them out so I will have to get a tent.
  2. Sounds very interesting cant wait to see these.
  3. kool man ,bring us the goods~
  4. Nice Genetics bro,
    gona be some KILLER phenos to find, more than 1 keeper i would of thought.
    carnt wait to see these popping, good luck bro, hope you find what ur lookin for.

    GeniusG :smiley_joint:
  5. burnalot420

    burnalot420 Lolipop Genetics Supporter

    hmm haven't seen these out yet,where did you cop them from? I just got some original diesel..waiting on it form the tude..curious to see if their gear is straight now
  6. E.C.U.G

    E.C.U.G Breeder

    Oh man i cant wait to see what you get out of these! sounds like it may be an awesome cross.

  7. Man those are killer bro can't wait to see these gems good luck SF!
  8. RIVAL79

    RIVAL79 Funk Master! Supporter

    Congrats bro! I got a pack of these ready 2 pop. Hope u find the pheno ur lookin 4. Rock them bitches and keep me posted sticky!
  9. ive never seen purple chemberry at cali connection how do you get them..thanks
  10. I was looking at the blackwater and trying to track some seeds down.
    I came across Fruitridge Wellness center in Sacramento and saw they had purple chem.
    I did a bit of research on what it is and I was ready to make the long drive to pick them up.
    I bought the last two packs.
    It's Swerves Chem 91 crossed with a male Blackwater. The blackwater is SFV 4 male crossed with a Mendo purp.
    I'm really hoping to find that magic purp pheno in these beans.

    I got the beans in wet paper towls for the last 24 hours. A few have cracked.
  11. RIVAL79

    RIVAL79 Funk Master! Supporter

    How much did u pay 4 them? I got mine at northstar collective in sac. I got my pack for $40!
  12. makes me want to drive down to sac and look for some. good luck on the purple hunt, ill stick to my quest for the perfect Blue for now!
  13. RIVAL79

    RIVAL79 Funk Master! Supporter

    there r some good deals running around sac! Come on thru the capital and check shit out. I got the purple deisel and purple chem for $40 @ northstar collective.
  14. 72 hours later and they have all popped!
    I have gently put them in organicare aeration mix to begin their life journey.
    They are under 4 T5's.
  15. how those purps lookin?

    Hey man, how are those babies doin? I just got a pack and can't wait to see some in action! swerve doesn't seem to release any information on his new strains these days so if anyone knows anything about it i'd be grateful for the info. hope all grows well!
  16. It's been a long road with a few hick ups but here's one of my girls at 26 days.
    This is the only one that looks like this out of 20 beans. She was purp from the very first little flower. I have about 5 others that are more on the indica side that are purp as well. I know I have a bunch of winners in my garden but it's going to take a lot time to figure it out.
  17. Nice!!! Please post some more pics when you have the time.
  18. RIVAL79

    RIVAL79 Funk Master! Supporter

    I wanna see more pics. I'm about to soak some of these beans. Good luck with the rest of your grow bro.
  19. Hey soaringfast, how many males did you get? Were any purple phenos?

    I've got 8 going and am about to temporarily flip them to find their sex...then...some outside and any good purple pheno male pollen will be harvested for a possible hybrid with some of my girls.

    Thanks, Xrancher
  20. Post up some pictures of the other phenos my man :)

    Is there any chem91 dominant ones coming up? Also, whats the smell like? Any of the straight fuel or chem or are they sweeter?