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Rapidly Dieing Plant

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Dank420boss, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Hey guys got a problem thinking its phosphate related, for about a week now growth has stopped leaves are drooped 24/7 leaves are slowly turning red/purple, stems unbelievably purple, im feeding her good doses of 10-10-2 nutes but nothing seems to be helping, looking for recommendations please.
    Dont mind the reflection i just misted.
  2. We will need the obligatory information to make an assessment.

    Light source?
    Air movement?
    Watering habits?
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  3. Temp 29max 15min Celsius
    Humidity 40%
    In need of new ph, using tap thats roughly 7-
    Ppm following recommended dose, dont have a meter on me
    600w meizhi led
    Running 4 small fan intake outake 2 circulating in a 80x45x80 small tent
    Watering 3-4 days
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  4. 20180712_221940.jpg
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  5. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    With hydro you need to know the pH and ppm. Otherwise you are growing blind.
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  6. Ok, here’s what I see.

    Temps are ok.

    Humidity is ok.

    PH for coco is high at 7. I grow in coco and like to keep it between 5.8-6.2.

    PPM at recommend doses may be to high. I would cut it in half. At least until she’s growing well again.

    Light height is ok

    Air flow is ok

    Watering every 3-4 days in coco is more than likely the problem. Coco must be kept moist at all times. Regular irrigation with oxygenated nutrient solution is the key to success in coco. Think hydro, not soil.

    I think you may have a salt build up in the medium. The over abundance of some nutrients will lock out other nutrients. This is a cumulative problem and gets worse the further time goes on and the build up gets
    greater. This is especially true when using nutes at full strength.

    My suggestion would be to flush out the medium to bring the PPMs in the rhizosphere down. Then begin feeding at half strength at least every day. Unfortunately, all that jacked foliage will not recover. You’ll want to keep an eye on the new growth to watch for improvement.
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  7. Your other plant looks great though!
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  8. I would guess your PH has everything off
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  9. Alright cool, ill do that i gave her 1 drink of just water probly needs a few more, i do have a ppm and ph just not at this grow location this is just my stealth at home. Hopefully ill get them this week, so u recommend watering every day? Last grow was doing the same thing now only ph and ppm different and had very good success. I only need this girl for clones to do a outside grow in a few months planning to put 100 in. Thanks for ur advice really appreciate it
  10. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Would help to take some coco from your rootzone and do a slurry test to see where your rootzone Ph is riding. You have an uptake issue somewhere. I would start with the rootzone ph. And as you get back on track lighten up on nutes till they recover a tad. The trashed growth may never recover and can be pruned off as they get healthier as well as up your nutes again.
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