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Rdwc Stealth Gallons?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Ironhead1970, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Got my system running good PH steady stays in range 5.8 64 and the temperature of reservoir highest temp was the first day 67.8 then it cooled off overnight now it stays in low 60's. My biggest concern is figuring out how many gallons of good old H2o I'm running.
    I have 3 five gallon buckets connected together with 2" pvc and 5.8' away is my 17 gallon re's running through 1" flexible pipe just don't want to over or underfeed my baby's
    What's that maybe 3.5 to 4 gallons in one bucket and maybe 15 in the reservoir? At the most that what 27 gallons? NITL WTH is that right?
  2. Fill it once using a gallon pitcher and note the level.
  3. fill a five gallon bucket and mark it. Between it and the one gallon pitcher... :)

    You will save your self several trips.
  4. 20190211_182440.jpg 20190211_182440.jpg 20190211_182315.jpg Here are some pictures of my diy Rdwc could not get all the parts I needed plans changed in the middle of the bulid. Could only find 4 uniseals and then I could not find enough bulkheads had to use both.
  5. Are you top feeding till roots hit water? Or is that air line?
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  6. Air line. I have a 3/4" water return line on the top sides of the buckets the bottom of the netpot is getting splashed between the waterfall effect and the airstone. Right now I'm hand watering straight from my reservoir to the bucket 2 to 3 x a day.
  7. You can also put thin layer hydroton on bottom layer of net pot then fill water till bubbling around the hydroton, then place plant and fill sides with hydroton.
    +1 to heisenbubble for that technique
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  8. Roots are already growing down into H2o only have 2 plants and both are growing a few inches a day.
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  9. 20190216_153728.jpg 20190216_153728.jpg 20190216_153728.jpg 20190216_153547.jpg 20190216_153541.jpg 20190216_153619.jpg 20190216_153547.jpg some pictures of my little grow that started Feb 3rd. How do look @ 2 weeks? As you can see I only have 2 plants and one is looking a little sick I hope it going to get stronger like the other one. Out of 10 old seeds these are the 2 that sprouted. I have a question about TDS The TDS reading straight out of the faucet is 251 after adding nutrients the TDS is 530. Does that sound right? When measuring the TDS do I start @ 0 then add my nutrients to get it up to what 800, that would a 1151 TDS ? Or do I measure from 251 and go up from there? Hope I'm not confusing anyone.
    I'm just a little worried I have to go out of town Monday and will be gone 1 week I don't have anyone to check PH and everything while I'm gone that's one of reasons why I went with a bigger reservoir. I'm going to do a H2o change today and set my PH to 5.6 and the TDS around 700 and I'll see how it's doing when I get back next Monday. This is my second grow in 8 years any advice or criticism is welcome.
    Thank you
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  11. Well they look healthy. Me personally I haven’t ever got that high ppm in veg, but plant looks like it’s taking it fine.