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Silver Monster. Round 2

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by London bud, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. So I threw the dirt from my last grow out back thinking I'm done with it but today I'm potting up a couple of clones I took from the last grow and have decided to salvage some of the old dirt as I haven't got anything else, I've sifted through it and have got it in the oven now to sterilize it lol
    I've had a tidy up and have a nice clean space again now.
    next step is to get some plants in there!
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  2. Looks nice, cant wait to follow the journal if u make1
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  3. thanks :) where are you based?
  4. And were off, waiting for a third to root, might just pot it anyway and see how it does.
    Got these under 115w of cfl at the moment, gonna give them a light feed now. First clones I've ever taken or grown so looking forward to seeing the progress
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  5. Gonna leave these under 24hr light for a week and see how they get on revegging now
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  6. When I transplanted these one of them lost a root, quite a nice rooty root. It's been a bit down and wilting since, I've been watering as normal though and she seems to be picking up a little on top although her two bottom leaves have yellowed. I got a light bit of nitrogen in the water but I think without many roots it's struggling at the moment to maybe maintain the whole plant, ill give her a few days and see if she picks up properly.
    The other clone was slightly yellowed to start with as theyd been neglected but thats improving now she's getting proper light and N.
    I haven't noticed anything suggesting revegging yet but it's only been three days, the tops been developing a few more trichs lol suppose I'll have to be patient.
    Still waiting on the third to pop me some roots!
    Hopefully in a week or two I'll have 3 nice little clones all back to veg and growing nicely
  7. Wow, I've had the police round this evening so its been lights off for these girls, a bit annoying while I'm trying to reveg but hey, the plants are still here and so am I!
  8. The struggler had to have a trim, I've removed the bottom leaves which were only getting worse. I think she might be beginning to show signs of picking up. I can definitely see growth.

    The second clone is showing signs of revegging, new three finger leaves have grown out of the bud even if they are a bit frosty still, I think in a few days they will probably grow out more and lead to further growth. The start of side branches have started to develop below now aswel.

    The third is still awaiting roots. Patience is a virtue.

    Aswel as the silver monster I've got 19 purple haze seeds in germination right now, they're all in a warm damp flannel between two small plates, I've never had any problems popping seeds this way so hopefully these will go fine.
    I doubt all will pop though I've had em quite a while, will see though.
    I definitely don't have space for 20+ grown plants so I'm gonna start these 12/12 to sex soon as, then I can lose the males and get rid of a few of the weakest females aswel, keeping only the strongest 3/4 females. I ain't a purple haze fan but I might aswel grow it while it's there
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  9. Both are showing signs that suggest to me they're re vegging now. The plant which I had to trim is growing a lot slower though, at this stage I suppose every leaf makes the difference.
    A set of three finger leaves grew out the bud now followed by a set of single blade leaves.
    Has anybody here cloned a flowering plant and revegged like this? What sort of growth can I expect from this once they're back in full veg mode? will she create more or less bud that the mother plant? I've heard a few good things about clones from flowering plants but am interested to hear of other people's experiences with this?
    2019-01-06 13.08.44.jpg
    2019-01-06 13.11.18.jpg
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  10. Both are coming along slowly and throwing out more single blade leaves now
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  11. The new growth was looking a very dark green, I wasn't using much N at all but decided to stop with N and continued with plain water, the problem has sorted itself now and I have reintroduced a touch of N with seaweed and mollases. Theyre still under 24hr light, got them under 207w of cfl, supposedly over 14000 lumens.. will hopefully be under some better quality light by the end of the month.
    The leaves from the original cutting are clear to see, they've yellowed a lot, the new growth is much greener, shes got some good side branches forming, she's had a lot of single blade leaves while revegging that are not quite so sharply serrated as a proper leaf, the largest plant is back to normal growth now and is throwing out some three fingers, I'm sure the smaller plant is not far behind. The stems on both of them are thickening up nicely.
    I'll let the old yellowed leaves die off a little more and then remove them all in a few days, leaving me with my completely new plant. I'll make a decision then on how I'm gonna go about training these. At the moment I'm thinking about super cropping accompanied by low stress training.
    2019-01-14 18.26.58.jpg
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  12. Today the cuttings original leaves had faded even more so I decided to remove them and now I am left with her nice new growth. Ive posted a picture of before n after.
    My second clone is a few days behind but will soon catch up, they were both opposing branches on the mother plant and are both growing in the same pattern.
    2019-01-15 18.46.53.jpg
    2019-01-15 18.49.10.jpg
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  13. I removed all the leaves growing from the main shoot leaving all the side branches. I removed the bottom set of branches, topped her then supercropped. In a day or two when the branches begin to point upwards I'll remove any branches from underneath that are stuck pointing downwards or any that are struggling to reach round and get themselves upwards.
    Ive give her a little watering, now I'll just have to wait and see how she responds,
  14. Since Supercropping both plants side branches have turnt upwards and theyre growing but it's slow progress right now though. I trimmed off quite a bit for such small plants so I imagine theyve needed a bit of recovery time.
    All the first leaves it grew when revegging are really yellowing, some are really thick. I'm going to remove these leaves soon. All the new growth is coming in fine and normal now.
    Hopefully once all the weird leaves are removed both girls will be 100% normal again.
    2019-01-26 14.40.35.jpg
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  15. The calyxs from flower obviously don't just disappear when it revegges, they've swelled and look good lol
    New growth is actually growing out of some of them. I think I'll be looking at really bushy plant when she gets going
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  16. They're both growing really slowly, they're constantly yellowing, some leaves are thick and rubbery, some tips are clawing, I'm sure it can't be N but it seems it must be? These plants are in the same conditions as the mother and she never had any problems. I've removed most of the calyxs now as i thought they might be slowing down growth. Has anybody else revegged flowering clones, is is just a slow process to get back to normal? @jumpincactus @UncleRomulus I respect you guys opinions so I'd like to know your thoughts
    2019-02-07 21.29.17.jpg
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  17. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Revegging flowering stock is a slow process. Hormones get all bullwacky. Be patient and they will turn around. Is that coco your in or soil. Looks really wet from here. Could you be overwatering? Any stress during a initial conversion of reveg will add to the time it takes for them to get back into full swing.
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  18. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    and don't be freaked out when you start seeing 1 2 3 fingered leaves on the new growth. As she gets back into full veg mode you will see some anomalies. Its part of the process. Eventually the new growth will look normal again.
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  19. Theyre in soil, i just watered but most of the time theyre pretty dry. Yeah I've had 1 2 n 3 fingers, still getting more, I've had them under 24hr for a month now, hopefully in the end they'll be worth the wait. i suppose all this odd growth is getting to me, i tell myself its normal but I can't help but question it, ill have to be patient.
    I was thinking maybe hormones could be all bullwacky as u put it. Messed up hormones huh, typical female lol

    Thanks for the reassurance though i appreciate it
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  20. @jumpincactus the yellowing is slowly continuing, some leaves are very pale, almost turning whitish, they're pinky/purple underneath, some of the leaves veins are purpling. the entire plants are pale green, even new growth. With the plants growing calyxs everywhere could it be that a P/K deficiency could be causing problems for normal leaf growth, as I'm feeding for veg maybe the plants need more phosphorus or potassium because they've been using what little p and k they have flowering?
    The pictures don't really show how light the plants are
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