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Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by BCrocker, Oct 1, 2011.

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    yeah i got mine in CO. DO you think the certified letter thing actually works?
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    If you want electricity, you get a smart meter.... They just switched me to one about 6 months ago.. MI here.
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    yup just another piece of the nwo control grid...
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    I am in BC too, I will try the letter and see what happens. They're just going to jack up the rates during peak hours to "deter usage durning peak times, to save the environment blah blah blah" what horse shit!

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    Just like the guy says tho to send a letter stating you dont want a smat meter installed??!!

    I dont think its that easy at all, in fact id think you would get a smart meter delivered the very next day.

    can anyone back this up?
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    I understand that the lines and the meters are the power companys' property... So I am not sure if this would even work. Although, if enough people are saying NO and brining valid facts to the table... Apparently, North America is a democracy. The happenings in the Canadian government lately with the mandatory minimums sure reflect otherwise... :s
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    Remember, police do keep an eye on power. Take this article for instance:

    They raided his home purely on the assumption that his high power bill was a pot farm. The source article from the local newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, noted that over 60 requests are filed per month to the local power company with the intention of rooting out grow ops:

    This guy was raided by police for a high power bill, and his power bill was only $400 and he only had 118 plants. Of course he lived in VA, which is a commonwealth state (much stricter drug laws).

    One way they find your power bill is through smart meters:

    Though I suspect even regular power meters can alert police to high power usage.

    If you draw a lot of power, use a generator. The most I'm comfortable drawing out of a residential home is probably around 3500W-4000W. This includes pumps, AC, fans, veg, mother, clone, and flowering lights.

    Good ways to save power include not letting your dishwasher autodry. Also do laundry at a laundromat, dryer cycles use thousands of watts of electricity.

    This is one thing, where I do not fuck around with, and neither should you.
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    The smart meters are just a small piece of the smart devices that can in the fututre track everything every american does, look at smartphones, google tracks every search anyone does, cars with onstar can see everywhere you go, they even turn your car off while driving, In the near future every digital devise you buy will b tracking everything you do. Who would collect this info? Look up fusion centers, they already do the goverment keeps track everything possible, all they have to do is stick you name in the computer and bamm everything they need to know about you, in the name of homeland security.
    The future will be like some of those crazy movies with computers that talk to you and know where everyone is, and what they are doing, LOL
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    Maybe someone should design a RF jammer to sit in their house and jam all traffic the meters send out...

    Hmm, I should've patented that before I said something.. Have at it guys, Keep me in mind when you make a million off my idea.
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    After reading this thread I started thinking the same thing, but lack of signal will probably set off an alarm and a repair man soon after. Them finding such a device would definitely get leo a warrant to come check out your property.

    Something that would allow a signal with a delayed counter on it or something is where it would be at.

    The poster before who suggested keeping it under 4k is what I'm thinking, I dont know if thats possible for a lot of us but I've been teetering right around that # but was planning on incorporating 2 more 1k lights, now I think I'll be switching all my lights to 600's and less instead.

    One thing I saw not to long ago that made me shit my pants was an electric company truck driving around with some kind of super (almost telescope looking) camera and an antena on it just driving around the neighbor hood, not my hood but not to far away. I was thinking it was FLIR or some shit.
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    Well, the main purpose of smart meters was supposed to be to be able to get rid of meter readers... Maybe they just have a truck that scans the hood now?
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    Hey BC, I took this quote from a RCMP article ran in the Vancouver Sun a while back, "Abnormal consumption is defined as any residence that uses more than 93 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per day" (the average home uses 31 kWh a day). If you are above average usage and paying for your power you will go on a list. From that point your just playing russian roulette hoping to hide in numbers. Stay under 93kwh if you want to keep off the list bro.
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    Thanks for posting. Ya I have read that too. Really, 93 kwh isn't that much where I am. It gets hot so I have my home AC running pretty much 18 hours a day.
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    For those of us that aint so bright, if a person is running a 1k light 24 hours a day....(of course thats not the case) how many kwh would that be?

    Edit: 24kwh correct?
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    Good question.

    1000 Watt HPS with conventional transformer,capacitor and starter ballast=1125 Watts consumption. I ran that through a online calculator and came up with 27kwh per day per 1000W ballast

    600W conventional ballast= 660w consumption and 15.84kwh/24h

    Keep in mind I am no mathematician or electrical guru and I came up with these figures using information already found on the net with a little searching. These figures can go up if you are using wire smaller than 12/3 to your lamps.
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    Lumatek digital 600 Watt ballast draw = 634 Watts and 15.216kwh

    I cant seem to find anything on how many watts a 1000w digital ballast actually draws
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    So for you lads who already had the smart meter installed, have you changed what you're doing at all?

    They have started installing them in my state and have planned to have the rest completed over the next two years.
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    I am located in BC (interior) and so far have not seen anyone around here getting them installed.
    Will update when they come by.