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smoking simpson oil

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by MICHIGAN4200, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. I eat the oil candy like .5 at a time smoke it in my hash pipe. I love the stuff. Anyone try it?
  2. True simpson oil should not be smoked. Make some iso or bho. As far as eating it though it is good.
  3. Give me a reason why it cant be smoked.
  4. Cant handle smoikng simpson oil? I live off of it.
  5. Honestly bro it would just depend on the solvent. If ya make it with iso same thing as iso oil. But as far as handling it lol I ingest oil every single day of my life. Smoke iso vape bho. Glad it works for ya bro.
  6. I actually have been taking simpson oil for almost a year.. I have made it with 99 ISO... and also the methylhydrate... but the stuff smokes terrible..

    I really do need a metjod to make good smokable oil.. love the oil taste of hash oil... green oil.. but this stuff really is to harsh to smoke an oiler like the old days...

    I have tried bho and yes its great but I dont like the processing as it doesnt allow for larger amounts..

    I need a method that can do a few pounds of sugar shake....

    the cherry oil I have read about sounds really interesting but I dont know that processing tech ..

    So any advice would be great..
  7. grinkeeper

    i would try water hash if lookin for something different. but personally i would just work out the kinks in the iso if you were having issues with it.

    your product can only be as good as your starting material
  8. Put a fat ass glob of it in your hash pipe set the rod a blaze and take a man hit even 2 man hits and see what world you are in
  9. Grin if ya do a 30 to 40 second wash with the 99 or even 91 iso. Then strain. Put it on a seedling heating matt over night with a fan blowing across the solution blowing fumes outside. The next day iso will be mostly dissolved or all. Scrape it from your pyrex dish put oil on wax paper. Technically you can smoke it then. However I wait 3 to 4 days letting the oil sit out on wax paper. You will see it spread out and get thinner and thick like tar. When it has a gloss black look to it you are good to go. If held up to light you will see it is actually a amber color though. Very good smoke. Only use sugar trim or bud. No fan leaves or stem etc.
  10. brncow


    Has anyone gotten positive results from using this? I have read of several experiments but no results.
  11. I have made lots of it and take it orally all the time.. but smokin it isnt that great and many others I have shared it with feel the same...
  12. Well fine ill smoke it and eat a half gram call it a day
  13. jb420


    You can run ALOT of bho, I have 2 200 gram tubes, and routinely run 4 to 5 pounds of dried material in about 3hours start to finish, including whipping it into budder. bho is fast and easy really, just have to spend money on butane.
  14. There is nothing wrong with smoking spo. You feel butane is better to smoke then alcohol...look we smoked worse things in regs....if spo is made right a nice hash pipe and a nice glass rod will set you right to get you feeling better. When I ran out of mine my body has went to shit just with out smoking the oil. And eating doesn't get me high no matter how much i eat that's why i started smoking it and i feel amazing after. So sit down pack your hash pipe with good oil if its not amber its prolly not right. And yes I know its the cure for everything. SIMPSON OIL was the whole reason I got my card was to help people. People seem to forget what the whole point was about the program. Not saying about that just in general.