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Solvent Delivery Issue

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by AnselAdams, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Setup:
    Frankie's first run went smoothly. I pulled a full vac on the 30# recovery tank and put it on dry ice slurry while I assembled Frankie and moved things outside. I refreshed the vacuum just before I began the solvent wash.

    Since this was the first run, the wash was with 5 cans of solvent (420 mil or 2.65 lbs.) and the material column dewaxing jacket had also been filled with dry ice slurry 45 min before the wash.​

    recovered 2.2 lbs. of solvent into the 30# recovery tank. All good.​

    Second run. Same setup with a 30# recovery tank on dry ice slurry....
    The difference on this run is that i know the solvent tank is about one can short. So i went ahead and flushed one full can as before. When it was empty, i closed the valve and switched over to the recovery tank from the first run that has been sitting in the shed for a week or so. I opened the valve and heard the solvent flowing and verified flow through the sight glass. I also verified by watching the weight climb on the scales. ​

    The problem:
    Everything stopped after only just over 1 lb. of solvent had flowed from the solvent tank.
    My Resolution:
    I finished the run with 2 spare cans of solvent.
    Lessons Learned:
    What did I F* up?
    What if any were my other options to restart the flow?​

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Pouring hot water on the tank during injection increases pressure and helps get solvent flowing when it is low. During recovery if the condenser coil is getting clogged or is clogged, reduces to stops flow. Just need to pull the condenser coil out of slurry and in hot water for a minute then back into slurry and start up recovery again. Hopefully it's one of those 2 things, that's all I can really think of.
  3. Thank You. I suspected something like that was at play. Purchased this
    ==> Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker, Thermal Immersion Circulator,
    to help with recovery. Sounds like it should help with both delivery and recovery.

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  4. Your pressures in the extractor and the recovery tank equilzed is what happened you need to make the one where you want the solvent to flow a lot colder. Giving the extractor a gentle shake will help as well. But i usually inject warm( room temp) butane to avoid this. Make sure your solvent tank is connected to the vapor valve and keep your solvent tank upside down the entire time your injecting solvent into the extractor that should help it flow.. if your still having problems put in upside down to your warm water recovery bath
    And hold the hose you’ll be able to feel when the solvent stops flowing

    Always start recovery off with a really good shake to your recovery tank before you open the valve. Then shake it periodically after that to increase recovery speeds..
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  5. Thank You. Will apply all during next run! For now it is off to vacation. Enjoy the photos.