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Super Nutrients?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Strictly_Kush, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here has used the super nutrients line, SVA, SVB, SBA, SBB.. Also known as super veg and bloom.. The price seems nice and Ive heard good things...

    Im not looking for info on any other brands LOL.. I know everyone uses different recipes Im only looking for super nute info...

    Im not sure of link posting rules but here is a link
  2. nughit


    I use the bloom. It works good and puts out good buds.
  3. Hey has anyone ever heard of this really great stuff at great Prices? ohhh and here is a link to the page where you can buy some of the really great stuff with great prices

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  5. It all depends on the strain you are dealing with...You must use the correct bloom booster for it as well since it come with very little phosphate...If you go wth it i suggest you use monster bloom or super bud blaster...
  6. My local shop suggested the super nutes sva & svb line to me. They claim that it is the hot stuff in our area. They also suggested that I add in Hygrozyme, Grotek Monster Bloom, & Grotek Vita Max plus. So far, things seem ok, although if I had done my research before jumping back into the game, I probably would have chosen otherwise. I have just started using the nutes in my veg cycle. THey seem ok, although I do have a bad ph swing happenin. I am not sure why though. I am using 6" rockwool cubes on a coco mat, using ebb & flow. The cubes were presoaked at 5.0 overnight, and the mat was just flushed out with plain water. When I water, I set my PH for about 5.0, because after watering, and the nutes sit for a bit, my PH climbs to 5.7-6.0 just after the one watering. Anybody? I do have a couple of air stones in the res. I wonder if the air is messin with the PH on these nutes.:thinking

  7. 5? Woah thats low. You should soak the cubes with 5.5 PH Water as directed on the label. I use europonic rockwool conditioner and highly recommend it. I didn't once and lost a set of clones because of ph swing.

    How are you feeding? Ebb, Drip?

    Drop your nutes down to a bare minimum, that vitmax could be causing swings. If it is anything like superthrive, lookout!
  8. I use ebb and flow, flooded once per day. I just started using the vita max with the latest res change, when I switched to flowering nutes. I have been using superthrive the whole time. With the flowering nutes they seem to be only rising .1 to .2 per watering. Ppm about 800.
  9. Good deal. sometimes a res change just seems to make it all come together.:rain
  10. It wasn't necessarily the res change, as I had changed it before with the same results. This last change was from veg formula to flowering. Although I agree that when in question, flush and change the res. I still think that the either the rockwool or the coco mat.
  11. do you have any more suggestions for great nutes? oh and also a link to the place that we can buy them?

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  20. Also i dont care if you click on the link, i was wondering if anyone has had success with the stuff.. If you dont have any info on the subject then kick rocks dude...