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Super Sativa Seed Club 20 YR Old Seeds

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Ickystckystanky, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I have some F1 and f2 sssc seeds stored in the freezer since 1992. Ive tried starter mix and a power plant aeroponic system so far with no luck. Any suggestions?
  2. If you are willing to experiment try putting a few in hemp oil for a few days, then germinate. Good luck. Peace GS
  3. scarification and a heating pad??
  4. did u try the good 'ol wet paper towel and a zip lock bag method?
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  5. Rabbi

    Rabbi Guest

    Gibbberellic "Gerbralic(sic)" acid - if your not in Cali unless you got an applicator's license as I do!
  6. Rabbi

    Rabbi Guest

  7. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Member Supporter

    yeah i get old seeds to pop and then they die off, i have tried alot of methods. im am gonna use GA3 next time. logic has a thread were he used it to pop some old dutch flower seeds on here somewhere
  8. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    You might sand on the seeds then soak them in a mild sol of ga3 and some alfalfa tea overnight till the seeds sink. JK
  9. old seeds

    How can I obtain this acid supplement?
  10. warm moist light earth (use a heating pad if needed), be patient give them at least two weeks, watering with clean water and a very small amount of seaweed, mychos, and mollasas...... make sure there are no fungus gnats or soil insects..

    if they dont pop let the earth dry and start over.....
  11. What Jalisko said. Using a emery board works great to scuff them a little bit. Like OP's have said, put them in a paper towell with a heating pad. The only Acid I have ever tried was on my tongue never used any on plants. Lol.

    I sure wish you luck on this. Must be nice to have some seeds from a while back.
  12. soaking using seaweed and Superthrive. fw drops of seaweed and a drop of superthrive in a shot glass. Tough call really. I wish you the best of luck. Hou cool would that be!!

  13. Okay I have been trying them in groups of three. I soaked them in Superthrive and Maxicrop till they sank (5-6hours). Then starter mix at 79 Degrees and nothing. Waited two weeks let them dry out and tried again. I only have three left.
  14. I'm on the side of the heating pad. But I think you need to be more patient, and keep trying to sprout the seeds for even a longer period of time. I've had seeds sprout weeks later in the dirt, after I had given up on them and planted new (no, I did not throw away the dirt). Then again, all 3 that are left might be males... :-(
  15. Camdawg


    its amazing when you get old seeds to pop
  16. gudkarma

    gudkarma Guest


    after his passing, i found an old metal film canister (among some other cool stuff) in my dad's basement ...filled with beans.

    the box in which these were discovered had items mostly from the 1970's.

    i've had no luck getting any to crack. it's hard to tell in the pic but these beans look good on the outside & the canister has a rubber seal inside the lid.

    my research turned up scarification...

    hopefully you'll have something good happen & share the results.

    personally, i'd love to give these to someone who is patient enough to get a few of these to crack and has some extra space to experiment.
    OCTober 028.JPG
    OCTober 029.JPG
  17. Try soaking them in a shot glass filled with 1/4 inch of hydrogen peroxide and fill the rest with tap water. Soak for 24-32 hours until they crack open.
  18. Had some 10 year old stash of my own cross that I donated to some friends.. out of about 50 of them, 10 sprouted.

    As suggested.. warmth and patience. It could take up to 2 weeks. One of my buddies said he did the paper towel method, between 2 plates.. and replaced the paper towels every other day, so as not to allow fungus to grow. He then kept in a warm place.

    A few drops of superthrive wouldn't hurt either. :D
  19. try using a cigar humador to up there humidity with out rotting them it might take a month to get them to the point the are ready for the the zip and towel