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Taking On Closed Loop Processing For The First Time.

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by AnselAdams, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Hello Community esp. Graywolf;

    I need your counsel & experience. This site comes highly recommended by some folks i trust. We excel in an environment where there is no such thing as a dumb question, except for the one not asked...

    With that said, i have started my build with a 110g 1.5" dewaxing column, the rig was purchased as part of an open blasting system. It was strongly suggested that i read up on "open blasting" which i did, including the horror stories of folks blowing themselves up. After two weeks of reading and study i made my first attempt. I had a few problems but was eventually successful in generating about 7g worth of extract.

    I purged in a 7gal BVV chamber at full vac for 24hr at 109 degrees. All was good in the bud world. However i will NOT be doing open blasting in the future. This was simply a baseline event. I am now moving towards CLP-Passive process.

    The first question i have is regarding the quality of BVV equipment. After several weeks of reading BVV seems to be the US based favorite for those of us that are not coming from the professional angle. I was told to stay away from HFS (China) or hobbyist grade; as a general rule. Emerald Gold and Glacier Tanks were also given as valued sources.

    The next question is should i buy a kit or piece part it?
    I am a Computer Engineer so a Frankenstein using the best of the best is not out of the question as long as i understand the reason for its' use.

    Thanks in advance for your time and advice.
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  4. Go on there site and go through all there pre built extractors learn what parts are on it and what they are.. I advise keeping it simple but if your willing to piece one together you can save thousands even on a smaller set up compared to there pre built units.. when sizing your collection pot to your column make sure you have 3 column volumes of space at only 80% capacity on your collection pot. You’ll notice they only size there’s for 2 column volumes.

    Use only high pressure clamps

    Get an immersion circulator for your hot water bath recovery

    Get an 8’ solvent hose from your recovery tank to your extractor you’ll thank your self later

    Oh and always build a bigger collection pot then you need because you can easily just add different column to it down the road it’s much easier then building another unit a few months down the road
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  5. Dabarino; Thanks for all of the good info. I combined your suggestions with research i had already undertaken and started placing my orders. I won't publish photos of every little piece of Frankie but only the major pieces.

    Collection Assembly; i have a 4x12 in sleeve with a 4x2 splatter platter on the bottom. The top of that tank is a domed 1.5 x 4 reducer with 1/4 in FPT port; secured with high pressure clamps as you suggested. That stack is topped by 1.5 in ball ball valve; onto which the dewaxing column will be attached with high pressure clamps. I couldn't decide between BUNA-N Tri-Clamp & Viton so i purchased both and will decide based on first hand experience.

    Recovery tank; is 6x6 welded base with a 6in lid containing two 1/4 npt fittings for my guage and valve+JIC fitting. I purchased 2 6ft steel braided hoses (ten foot was backordered); and of course a high pressure clamp.

    here is the tool i used for my calculations based on your suggestion of a 3:1 ratio and only 80% of calculated capacity ... Calculate the volume of a cylinder

    Please let me know if any of this is trash or not needed as i still have a return window.

    Thanks again to everyone.

    upload_2018-7-10_17-51-17.png upload_2018-7-10_17-52-3.png upload_2018-7-10_17-57-23.png upload_2018-7-10_17-53-29.png upload_2018-7-10_17-55-0.png upload_2018-7-10_17-52-44.png
  6. I would never use 4” shoulda went with 6” I know it’s more but it’s worth it .. and That’s not a storage tank it’s a work recovery tank it’s not safe to store butane in there long term get rid of that all together and go with this get one of these
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  7. Don’t bother with this.. you want a sight glass going into your collection pot like on the lid 98B9E0ED-7A60-4D28-80CE-089CD18C92FF.png
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  8. Roger that on the tank! Will certainly make that purchase. Now on wish list.

    i don't intend to do any thing larger than a QP run. I am only doing this to support two me and the Mrs'.
  9. Ok, that just became a desicant holder.
    Ordered two of these. they were my first choice and should have stuck with my gut. :)
  10. BTW... what are the dimensions of this tank?
    Approx. how long to chill for recovery process?
    Warming will not be an issue here, just have to keep it out of the sun, like me (it was only 103f today). I like this because i can store it in the shed without worry. Thanks Again..
  11. I do have question regarding this 30 lb tank. Say i take it to my local pixair dealer and have them fill it half full. If i get rid of the 6x6 how do i control how much solvent is run through the material column? I understand and agree that it is unsafe for long term storage. Another question. I see a label that says it is at 400 psi. don't i need another set of controls tame that beast or run the risk of a blow-out?

  12. When I got mine I said the same thing “I’m only ever going to run a qp at a time” hahaha that didn’t last long. I fill my 30# tank with 3 lbs of butane using a can tap tool and inject the entire tank into my extractor. I only fill it with what I need.. if you wanted to keep extra in there you could always use a refrigerant scale( you should have one anyway)
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  13. Yournover thinking things pretend you never saw that random sticker that says 400 psi it means nothing to what your doing
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  14. The 6x6 is the "collection pot" where all of the oil you're extracting is going to end up with the butane that you run through the material in the material column(the 1.5x18 tube you listed). The 30lb tank is the "solvent storage tank" where the butane/propane is stored long term, until you're ready for a run, which then you hook the storage tank up to the system as a whole. The 400psi rating on the storage tank is the upper limit rating for the tank, but not the actual pressure you will see unless you heated your tank up. You control how much solvent is run through the system using an "injection ball valve"(1/4 ball valve) which will be hooked up to the nipple on that "hemispherical tri-clamp reducer with 1/4 FNPT side port". Also using a refrigerant scale to keep track of the #'s of solvent your injecting into the system. The hemispherical reducer will go underneath your material column. Now that I'm looking back over your parts list up there^^, I'm thinking you're setup might not work like you're thinking....

    Notice the lid in this pic has a tri clamp added to the center of the lid to attach the large valve to (the dump valve), on top of the dump valve goes the hemispherical reducer with side port (in this pic, the reducer is on top of the sight glass, but that is a bad location for the sight glass so dont put it there), then on top of the hemi reducer would go your material column. You have to compare all the parts you're planning out and make sure the sizes are all correct for the places they're going, if that makes sense.
  15. I see now how you were trying to set it up, but the problem is that you need a ball valve underneath the hemi-reducer & in order to do that on the setup you're planning, you would need either a 4" valve, or go from 4" to 1.5" back to 4", which is alot of extra shit to deal with IMO...
  16. I would honestly cancel your order and start over.. make sure you understand what every part is and how it functions before you commit to buying it.. study a bunch of different extractors to see how they function and with what parts.. I wouldn’t rush into it
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  17. Dabarino; Hey man thanks for all of the help. By the time i got your post, i had pretty much decided to do just as you suggested. I got all of the stuff in then test fitted each and every piece for placement & fit. Then i sent the rest back. I sent back all of the 6" stuff, ordered all high pressure clamps (still waiting on 2 more and the 2 sight glasses). I also ordered 1 #30 and will probably order a second (one room temp the other on DI awaiting recovery) the pair were cheaper than the 6" recovery tank, lid, gasket ^ HP clamp.

    With the exception of the lower -30-0-150 gauge (i dropped the tank on it... ) and the sight glasses (back-ordered). I decided to stay with the 4' rig while learning. Plus i like the idea of my extract going into the shallow splatter platter. I'm thinking i might actually be able to get a "pour" from a run and then use the scrape for goodies, etc.

    To me this should function exactly like the reply that had a flat lid with 2 ports (one for gauge and another for valve/sight-glass/JIC). Mine just has it all on the one port and it is domed. I have two bungie cords to lash the entire thing (including a towel around the tank) to a fence post. With bottom submerged in DI/91% Alcohol). The braided hose is 10ft.

    Here is Frankie with most of his pieces:
    upload_2018-7-12_19-19-7.png upload_2018-7-12_19-20-11.png
    upload_2018-7-12_19-21-19.png upload_2018-7-12_19-23-21.png
  18. You got way to much going on there that doesn’t need to be there.. and that 4” stuff is going to keep co you in the ass down the road I’m willing to put money on it that you will regret getting the 4” stuff.. anyway enjoy your new extractor and be safe.. also aight glasses are a waste of money unless there on the lid

    Did you add the volume of that random y pipe you put on the top of your extractor into your calculations
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  19. Understood. Extra volume means warm/wasted gas. Which defeats the chilling of column/material and dry ice (or at least raises the operating temp what may free up waxes, etc.); I changed it out. I found a 3" tall column with 2 1/4" ports (however it is back-ordered but purchased). I let the extra small sight glasses go as well. I left the big one after the dump valve so i could see when the flow stops.

    Another question. Would you or someone from the community please suggest a good scale to use with the butane tanks if don't mind? Options are always appreciated.

    As Always;
    Thanks for your help.
  20. You truely have no idea what I’m talking about do you?
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