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Taking On Closed Loop Processing ... Pt. 2 Frankie Grows Up!

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by AnselAdams, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. So when i finished the last post I mentioned that funding had been approved by the "Finance Minister" for improvements and upgrades. This week i started receiving those upgrades.

    I want to provide acknowledgement of the assistance of advice already provided.
    Frankie has grown up to a primary 8x10 spool; a 8" to 4" bowl reducer incl. splatter platter. The new 8" domed cap includes two 1.5" sight-glasses (one w/light). Two of the four 1/4" are plugged for later use. There is also a gas seat rated needle valve and -30/0/250 filled gauge.

    upload_2018-8-24_8-41-54.png upload_2018-8-24_8-42-43.png
    upload_2018-8-24_8-43-39.png upload_2018-8-24_8-44-22.png
    dabarino... I heard you. My plan for the new and improved Frankie included far more capacity in the main tank than i will need under "normal" circumstances. I went with the domed features so as to allow for extra vacuum. The only hose i could find was a 10', my thought was go longer, not shorter; based on your suggestion. I was able to find a "Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker, Thermal Immersion Circulator" on Amazon along with a suitable warm water recovery pot. I am still waiting on my 8" HP clamps to arrive.

    I will also be upgrading the Filter Stack and the Material Column sometime in the near future. But first comes vacation to Grand Teton/Yellowstone NP for some serious fall color photography opportunities.

    upload_2018-8-24_8-53-59.png upload_2018-8-24_8-54-31.png upload_2018-8-24_8-55-2.png
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  2. Frankie2 had his first run this afternoon. I was pleased with how all parts performed except for the top 8" clamp which lost pressure at 20 psi. I tightened the clamp as tight as possible and still could not get the leak to stop. I will probably have to purchase the "PRO" version of the clamp. These are supposed to be machined to a tight tolerance. I did a visual of the gasket and it seemed to be fine. I saw no pits or gashes on either surfaces. During deconstruction i was particularly careful to look for debris on either side as well.

    the bottom clamp did not fail. When placed in the warm-water recover pot, there were no bubbles from the bottom 8" clamp or from the 4" splatter platter clamp.

    Using the warm-water pot to hold the supply worked like a charm. The warm-water bath forced the increased pressure and thus the gasket failure. M

    Sounds like my next purchase will be a bottle of nitrogen & a regulator for pressure testing....

    upload_2018-8-25_22-9-15.png upload_2018-8-25_22-10-42.png upload_2018-8-25_22-12-11.png
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  3. Nice glad to hear it
  4. 1BD34EE5-DB25-4F7F-89F9-AABF4CF23579.jpeg Part 1 get one of these for under your extractor while in the water bath it will allow hot water to flow all around the collection pot and keep a stable Temperature and won’t allow cold spots to form.

    Part 2

    Why do you have what looks like a hemisphericle reducer on the bottom of your collection pot that has a 1.5 triclamp?
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  5. Get your self a torque wrench and torque the high pressure clamps to 30 foot pounds every time you tighten them. If your having leaks with your hp tri clamps I would inspect the gasket first maybe it’s got a rip in it or it wasn’t installed properly(those big gaskets can be a pain to line up sometimes)
  6. That is a 4" x 2" splatter platter w/4" hp clamp. Photo angle sux. My bad.

    Went with hemi top and bottom simply for added vacuum. Max capacity calculated on just the 8 x 10 spool.
  7. Added vacuum?? I don’t follow? You mean more volume?
  8. Yes.
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  9. That’s not the typical way to do that but what ever floats your boat I guess lol
  10. I’d imagine that extractor is quite unstable when fully assembled I would construct some some of rack to hold that thing up.
  11. Actually it will sit flat fully assembled. However being that it is top heavy as hell (aka unstable); i would not leave it. If it topples a lot of cash takes a beating. So when working it sits in a 10gal cooler from HD. Surrounded by dry ice. There is also a steel chain connected to the fence post, around Frankie and back to the J-hook screwed into the post.

    When time to recover, I just lift the entire thing up while the Mrs. changes out the dry ice cooler for the warm water bath pot, leaving the chain in place the entire time.
  12. Speaking of racks. I have been trying to find one that allows the tanks/spools to be secured to a vertical track via clamps much like a drawer slider except in the vertical aspect. I would like to be able to slide the unit up; slide out a bucket/cooler and put another in its place and lower the attached unit. I saw that setup in a video and have been trying to find a mfg. since.

    Any rack manufactures that I should check out would be of great help. I am even open to a custom build if the price is right.

  13. Your actually thinking about that backwards you want the extractor to stay put and you want a platform for the water/dry ice bath to move up and down on. Leave the extractor where it is and move the buckets basically
  14. Sweetleaf systems use something similar to this extrusion for their racks... The T-nut allows the sliding action in the grooves of the extrusion. You can see it in action in some of Bret Mavericks youtube videos where he's running the v3 setup.
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  15. Thank You!

    I knew i had seen such a system but could not for the life of me remember where. "Sweetleaf & Maverick "ding, ding" light goes on. Their website is still not functional so I added my email to the notification list.

    In the meantime i will be checking out the site you sent with regards to possibly building my own.

    Thanks again