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Tamisium Butane Extractors

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by BC_Bud, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. BC_Bud

    BC_Bud Premium Member Supporter

    So the other day I was searching for extractors, came across this company selling and leasing these butane extractors. They are a bit pricey but maybe interesting to one of you out there.

    These two are available on 2 year lease only:

    Large Production Tamisium Extractors
    Custom built or you can select from the sizes below.
    1 kilo capacity (2.2 pound) extractor or 2.5 kilo capacity (5.5 pound) extractor.

    Large Production Tamisium Extractors

    1. Complete Extractor
    2. All specially designed valves, fittings, seals, internal parts and external parts necessary to provide a complete extractor
    3. High Pressure Recovery harness is included with optional heating jacket.
    4. Specially designed Valves and seals and fittings for recovery of solvent
    5. Detailed Instructions, unlimited online support, phone support, and life membership to forum
    6. Free upgrades available as stated in term lease agreement.
    7. Lifetime warranty as stated in term lease agreement.
    8. Comes with operational manual with detailed photos.

    These smaller ones are for sale:

    Table Top Tamisium Extractors
    1 oz - 8 oz (125 ml to 1000 ml) capacity extractors
    scroll down for prices

    The next Tamisium Extractors are table top models that do not need to be broken down while under pressure. It is still possible to recover the solvent with these extractors but an optional recovery tank is needed to recover.

    These smaller extractors are perfect for cooks, homeopathic medical use for a family or for small laboratory, where small extractions are needed for testing before you perform a large extraction.

    Many chefs will find extraction of oils from herbs are a much better way to get the flavor and aroma from a herb than actually adding stem, leaf and all to a dish. Sometimes heated water is just not enough or not desired.


    We consider the units small enough to move around in one piece. These units will actually fit on your table top.
    We do not sell these extractors for indoor use in any environment not properly set up to use any flammable solvent for extraction purposes.

    Because they are light weight, they do not have to be broken down to facilitate recovery of the solvent. Therefore the need for expensive valves are eliminated and the cost and process of assembly is greatly reduced. Although the extraction process is the same as above the time to set up is much less and time to recover solvent is far less. Taking from 20-120 minutes depending upon the volume of the solvent being recovered.

    Price range: US$ 450 to US$ 2050 for the larger one (1000ml)

    Delivery 3-4 weeks from purchase date.

    Anyone used these before? Are they worth the price?
  2. so anyone have one of these badboys?
  3. this is crazy
  4. evo303


    I recall seeing a thread about these on another forum a little while ago. Wish I could remember where....
  5. hah, wow, these things look intense.
  6. overkill. I have a glass tube and a ss turkey baster from bb&b. I like the turkey baster the best... less is more.
  7. wow you can re-use your butane! and it said you can mix solvents. If you get the recovery tank and attachments you dont even have to take it apart you could go for multiple runs with the same butane. I wonder how many times you could reuse the butane?
  8. insane......
  9. how is the oil pulled from the solvent if not by evaperating???
  10. bought a tamisium ask questions

    I received one of the first models of the new 2 ounce design. Better than expected and I expected a lot. Dont know how they make them the way they do and can still afford to sell that at that price.
    Have made over a dozen extractions on the same butane and have recovered 2165 gram tare on ever run.

    The whole set up weighs 18 pounds. Recovery tank and Extractor column and tank. The column has almost a 1/2 inch thick wall. They said so that the butane will be heated more efficiently from the column when recovering. A lot of thought has gone into this new extractor. More that meets the eye.
    Uses fast release clamps and screw on caps with oring seals.
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  11. Joe-T


    I use one

    I just bought a Tamisium extractor and have done half a dozen runs with it. So far I have gotten all the butane back every time, really cool… The bottom tank is short and wide for a lot of surface area to facilitate evaporation for recovery of the butane. Besides being able to add co-solvents to the butane to change the polarity for different plant materials like salvia, it is also pretty cool to be able to add acetone to the bottom chamber so when the butane is recovered the oil is in a vehicle for easy transport. I got $25.00 off mine by asking for Bill when contacting them from the Tamisium web site.
  12. anyone got any pics of any of the oil? im interested to see how it compares to the "shatter" and "budder" that most people have been making thus far....

    i say a larger scale setup that was kind of like this but home made and the oil was sub par in my opinion but then again they used trim, and we all know the best oil is made by using whole buds...
  13. Tamisiums can do it all

    The extractors used is not the major deciding factor on quality. IT is about polarity of the solvents and the chemicals being extracted, temp, time, pressure, etc.
    And the quality of the plant material being extracted, contents of material anyway. The best oil is the oil you want. No matter what kind or part of the plant you are extracting from. Some guys want more meds and some want more high. flowers or leaves and stems.
    What everyone wants is an extractor that can do both and do it well. A Tamisium Extractor so far can do it all and give you what you started with so you can repeat the process as many times as needed. A friend used one to extract 6 times in one day with the same 620 ml of butane. Not sure if you know but 5 grams x 6 equals to a lot of yield for a days work. And this extractor is not limited to one use. It can extract with other solvents combined with butane or alone. The solvents separate during the recovery of the butane process.
    I wont be posting pics of oils but I can post data at a later time. A picture of oils only tells if you got more or less of what you want out. I can say that when I performed a 0 degree temp extraction, I exceeded my expectation and it was so clean I did not need to clean it. But my objective is for meds and I extract slow and warm and get much more out. I have chemistry background and dont mind a little wet chemistry to clean it out. If you dont have the knowledge of chemistry and how to clean your extract, slow and cold may be your only choice. But I do and I have an extractor that can do both. So why not max it out. It like I am going to wear it out. I will give this thing to my grand kids.
    I should be hitting these guys up for commision. Every since I got mine, I have not been able to shut up about it.
    I noticed another guy named Joe that bought one. I would really appreciate hearing his comments on what I posted here and what his results are.
  14. Dr.Doe


    The bottom of the extractor tank where the seem is.... Does it screw off or do you have to get the oil out of the top with a carrier solvent? My friend and I are interested but there kinda slow on communication. I see the recovery tank has a screw-on lid so i'm hoping the bottom part is removable as well because that would make scraping/recovering a lot easier.
    bottom tank seal.jpg
  15. i really really want to play with one of these. the reclaiming of butane must be the same as a providing a full purge of the oil? delicious...
  16. Any chance of sharing your experiences with me? I just bought a tabletop model. Thanks!!! Janet-
  17. Thank you for this review!
  18. Well he does explains thorough, but looking at his posts, he probably works there....sounds sweet though won't have to buy cases of vector
  19. ahhhhhh I want one so bad

    I have literally spent thousands on butane! this would save so much!
  20. Farmer Jon

    Farmer Jon Premium Member Supporter

    Sure is a lot of trial users here giving kudos to this product, feels a bit like a infomercial to me but ya never know. I think i will be waiting for a few more farmers to give this thing a spin before i am sold.
    Sounds as though a cave man could do it but there has got to be a learning curve at the least.