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Trying To Take Things To The Next Level

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by iceberg8389, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Ok so I am one year into growing. I have done pretty well, I know I can do better!! Starting to really try and tweak my environment for optimal conditions. Learning about VPD, temperature vs humidity relativity, ideal temps in flower with high co2 levels, etc. I have completed 4 harvests running a variety of strains from clone genetics I was given from my mentor last year. They are all very good yielding and quality genetics. I have an average DRY yield throughout all 4 grows of .85g per watt. All the strains finish super frosty and the medicine is very potent. So i have been happy with my results but know I can do better. Also, I had one cycle that yielded me less than the other 3 because it was run in the middle of summer and I battled some temp issues. I run seperate veg & flower rooms. The focus of this thread is my flower room.

    Here is my current setup:

    sealed room 10ft x 15ft - 7 ft ceilings
    6000w HPS - 8" cooled Raptor hoods - 2 inline 720cfm fans
    25k BTU window unit A/C
    70 pint dehu
    injected co2 @ 1500ppm lights on
    3 - 16" Oscillating wall mount fans just above canopy
    lights on temp 78-84 F (high and low, 82 average)
    Lights off temp 66-70 F (high and low, 68 average)
    Lights on humidity 25-40 % (high and low, 32 average) WAY TOO LOW!!!
    Lights off humidity 60-75 % (high and low, 68 average) SLIGHTLY HIGH!!!

    So now that i am learned about VPD i can see my humidity is not ideal. I recently purchased a 6 gallon evap humidifier i am running lights on, and then i started running the dehu only at lights off. My humidity levels are better but still not ideal. I am keeping the humidity more consistent for sure, right around 60-65% lights off and 40-45% lights on. Thinking i need another type of dehu?? I also plan to upgrade my AC to a mini split system with dual zones for my veg room and flower room in the next 6 months. I have been reading about ultrasonic humidifiers, foggers, swamp coolers, etc. So before I make any other upgrades/changes I wanted to get some input and/or suggestions on what moves I should make so I'm not spending money twice OR making conditions worse!! Specifically interested in swamp coolers as they seem to lower temp too (???) so maybe I wouldn't have to go with a mini split and just stick with the 25k BTU window AC if i used one of those? I like the idea of mini split because of efficiency and better temp control, reliability. These window AC's could crap out at any time...

    Any help is much appreciated!!
  2. Edit: I meant I may need a diff type of HUMDIFIER, not dehumidifier
  3. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    The swamp cooler let us effective in maintaining humidity but you will need to be religious in cleaning it’s tank. Mold and fungal elements thrive in that system. For me the hassle isn’t worth it.
    Stick to a split with a humidifier, go steam style as it’s readily dispersed and chances on fungal issues is very low. Setup a controller , c for humidity and temp control. This would be a key purchase. Something that turns on the humidifier and off based on setting, along with a temp controller. There are makers of decent all in one controller .
    Controller can run, temp, humidifier, exhaust, co2 and lights in one system
    This is a decent one I’ve used
  4. I just purchased an ink bird humidity controller to do just that!! Right now I just have the humidifier set at 65 for lights on and the dehu set for 55 lights on. Problem is my humidifier will stay turned off if power is disrupted, it will not automatically turn back on when power is restored. Another reason I think I need a different humidifier.
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  5. So yeah got an Ideal Air 75pt humidifier with the humistat connected as well and what a diff!! I am now holding 50-60% humidity and the plants are loving it!! One day of good humidity and there is a noticeable difference in the plants already they look super green and the leaves are all happy.
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  6. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Man what
    a difference control makes bro
  7. Yeah man what a lesson learned...I mean i’ve been trucking along with just a dehu for lights off but now that I have added this humidifier for lights on and have increased humidity I def see and feel a difference. This VPD factor is powerful!!! I can only imagine how this upcoming harvest is going to be, can’t wait!!