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Uncle Roms Mixed Pack Mishaps

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by UncleRomulus, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. what’s up nephews and nieces. So I went ahead and planted a mixed pack from peakseedsbc. So 11 potential different strains. We will try and guess who’s who when the round is done. I live in a remote area and am growing for myself and my neighbors.

    First let’s start with my medium. I cannot buy the promix I usually use this time of year. I found a bag of Schultz’s potting soil and another brand peat potting mix. I was sponsored some bad ass organic top soil from a neighbor that I baked to kill potential bugs and pathogens. Added 5 gals of perlite to everything. Ended up with around 15 gals of medium. This may be all I have for this round, so several plants will be single colas with small rootspace. A few will get spoiled with 3 gals or so and topped. Got a real og clone coming along for the ride. Will prob mainline to slow it down.
    Lighting- led, mh, hps
    -6 inch inline
    -no added co2
    -outside air =5 billion ton a/c
    -ordered some maxibloom to try it for kicks. If I don’t like it, I have Holland s secret (3part Chem) Will prob be using a pk booster and a molasses/carb additive a couple times.
    Got 2 more gals of perlite if anyone thinks I can get away with adding more let me know. Might as well stretch what I got
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  2. Will be flowering in a 5x5 under 1k hps
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  3. So maxi came. With my tap water a teaspoon (5 grams) of maxibloom puts me at 600 ppm and 6.4 ph. If I go a bit stronger it takes me to 6.2 but a mil of biobud takes me back up to 6.4ph. I will be using only maxi with the occasional hit out bio bud (basically just using as ph up) and bioweed (liquid seaweed) That’s it. Run nutes fairly low but only give straight water 1/3 of waterings. Keeping it simple. Let’s see how she goes. Only 5 new mixes popped out of the dank soil i put em in. Natural selection at its finest. Started working on mainline on that true o g clone. I do it in three phases, instead of mutilating the shib out of it all in one sitting.
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  4. Right on I used to use any containers I could find. I used a lot of milk jugs cut in half, coffee creamer jugs, 2 liter bottles etc lol. They all worked well. I don't see any drain holes in yours. And is that glass on the bottom right?
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  5. Ya man. I’m using whatever I can get my hands on. I don’t worry much about drain holes till there in next pot size. Then I’m all about my Swiss cheese holes everywhere. And ya that’s glass. Fancy oui? Haha. I’ll be taking those out of there soon so algae won’t phase me
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  6. I guess it makes it kind of easy not having to catch runoff huh. Weeding out the weaklings.
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  7. I don't think I've ever thought of growing in a pot with no drain holes. How often do you water?
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  8. I like to consistently let em dry out almost completely and then add just enough lol. I do usually have a hole in the bottom sometimes not. I’m finding, letting em dry out often and having many holes combined lets me get away with smaller root space. In flower I water every second day usually till enough runoff to check ppm. The roots get aggressive af when you get a good wet/dry cycle goin with a small dense root ball. like a hydro flood table almost
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  9. Cool bro rock on!
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  10. Good start. Nice clone.

    I'm sure everyone has asked you this already but are you considering COBs or Quantum Boards. I realise you live in the cold weather so an HPS can serve dual purposes. Just thinking you could be runnin the equivalent of roughly 2500w of HPS with the same power consumption. I'm constantly aware of my power draw, living off of a 20a breaker.

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  11. Ya man. I’m going to build a qb one of these days. I’m more looking towards cmh to save power. Amps aren’t a huge issue for me, but I wouldn’t mind less watts.
    I will now say why I prefer hid tho. Please don’t get offended led brothers and sisters. LED is great tech and will be my veg from now on, but flowering with led you are leaving a few percentage points of potency on the table. I’ve seen side by sides (spectum king led vs hps vs cmh.) yield aside the led was about 18%, hps 19%, and cmh was like 21.5%. Now when you consider the colour and yield of the led vs hps it seems like it’s not rrrealllly worth running hps these days I’ll admit.. but the new flowering light when I upgrade will be 630 cmh most likely. There I said it.
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  12. CMH still makes sense, for now. Who knows what's around the corner. Someone could be asking me why I still use COBs in a decade.
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  13. If I was in the states id be using led most likely. I never really put myself in y’alls shoes until recently realizing the obscene cost/ issues involving cooling. That is barely relevant for me, and I refuse to sacrifice potency as I am not going for quantity at this time. I’m still think people exaggerate the efficiency a bit cooling aside. Gavitas for example are damn efficient and use way less amps than many other HIDs. To match a good gavita or a 315 LEC/CMH with leds you still need a decent amount of juice. Yes they are more efficient but not 3-4 times like the bogus claims. And again some folks notice and prefer the end product being HID grown in my neck of the woods. IMO LED is the future as it evolves but doesn’t own the present like some folks say. Especially if the application of the HID s are multipurpose heater/lamp.
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  14. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Ditto!! E5D5BFC6-41EA-4938-8B2E-5BD09CDEB5A0.jpeg
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  15. That pic got me a just a little horny. Ever use the 6/750 s? I want to run one with a 315 cmh on either side in a 4x8 or something like that. Are Those are the 1000 pro classics?
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  16. Let’s not forget about UV and IR also
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  17. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    No, I’ve always ran 1000w. With the master controller I can run from 500w to 1150w. When I flip I’m sticking 2- 315w cmh in there also. 10E50EDE-4AB5-4DEC-B22A-72F241F25A66.jpeg
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  18. Dude you gotta stop. I’m getting a little too excited lol
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  19. I Love your setup man! I have a couple 400 mhs kickin around and a 400 hps. Old mag ballasts. I wonder if I could go mh-hps-mh in my 5x5. 1200 watts with that spread and that much blue for colour and potency.. could be fun. Or do you think my 1k se at 1150 would be just as good?
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  20. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Balls out bro 1k definitely!! Blow that shit up!!
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