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Undercurrent Blackberry Fire Day 1

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Shawnery, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. On to my 3rd grow with my new home built undercurrent system.

    Just transplanted from dirt to net cup with collar and no substrate.

    Next is an 8x2 scrog for each row of the grow.

    Running Masterblend, Calcium Nitrate and Epsom Salt @ 10/10/5.

    Temp 90
    Humidity 80
    PPM 360
    PH 6.0

    Hope all goes well!
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  2. heisenbubble

    heisenbubble Moderator Staff Member

    You dont quarantine for bugs?you hot bigger balls than me.i check over every cut I get with a 100x microscope,put in a humidity dome with a pest strip and look for any signs of bugs.
    You get dotted spider or broad mites you might as well move lol.just looking out man I want to see u succeed but if you search them bugs are terrible.
    I've never had them and never plan to.ive read enough to know I NEVER want them
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  3. I should but I just don't have the setup but I will next time for sure. Usually I just treat the plants for about a week and have been lucky.

    But Luck isn't a plan is it!
  4. heisenbubble

    heisenbubble Moderator Staff Member

    This is what I was telling you when I have to do a system flush I just hook my hose up and let the pump pump it out,than connect the hose to the water faucet and turn it on with pump off to back flush a couple times and it's done.super simple and everything is set up this messes or water every where.
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  5. How long after transplanting from soil to hydro should a plant appear "normal"? They always get a little droopy and unhappy from the stress. Just never really paid attention to the time between transplant and recovery.
  6. heisenbubble

    heisenbubble Moderator Staff Member

    A day from when I pull the cuts from the humidity dome.i use juice bottles with bottom cut off and flip upside down and put over them so they can get on there feet.the extra humidty helps out
  7. I'm sure it's as simple as just because but why do some clones take off and others flounder in the same environment?

    I'm sure it could be as simple as the stress they went through during cloning process or being from different plants.

    Is there some way to tell when picking up clones which ones will be racers and others will be laggers?

    I only ask because in one day 2 out of 8 clones have roots already dropping a surprising amount but others haven't shown a sign.

    I know it's to early to know how it's going to go in total but the question is still important to ensure the procuring of good clones.
  8. One degree difference between ppm pen water temp and water chiller.

    My pen says I'm running between 65 and 67 but my chiller says 66 to 68. Would you trust the pen or the chiller in this situation.

    Is there any way to change the temp spread for water chiller from 2 degrees to 1 degree or is it safe for the water temp to swing from 66 to 68 during cooling?
  9. heisenbubble

    heisenbubble Moderator Staff Member

    Ok to swing,I always run 70 first couple clones like warmer.just up the hydroguard and no worries
  10. How long should I wait before I top these bad girls? They weren't just clones but what they like to call pre-teens here. So the amount of nodes shouldn't be an issue but more so time in the new system and stress from transplanting. They already have new growth popping out for what ever difference that makes if any.

    Is LST'ing a waste of time when scroggins or is topping the better option?
  11. Serious issue!

    I've got really bad sweating, condensation, on all undercurrent parts, all. Not just the huge containers but the black 1" return line and all the white pvc as well. Never had this issue before but never ran a chiller either. Much worse during lights on and my lights are only on about 20%.

    Room temp day 85.
    Night temp 75.
    Res temps 66 to 68 with chiller.
    Cold humidifier set at high but humidity can't break 65% at the most.

    I assume my only option is to wrap them with insulation? I'm just confused why I didn't have this problem before?

    Any advice will be respected and listened to!
  12. Why make a blog if you're not going to be honest!

    The pre-teens as you can see looked very healthy and free of pests at first to third glance. The problem with these came when I removed the dirt for transplant. All but three had either no roots or brown nearly dried roots. The three with roots were not equal amongst themselves. One had good roots and the other two had minimal roots.

    What I believe but have no evidence is that these were not true pre-teens but larger clones. Maybe I'm wrong and something went wrong during his cloner to coco transplant. But there should have been a pretty big root mass with a 12" plant grown from a true clone, right?

    I let the plant attempt to grow naturally as it was supposed to be a pre-teen but it became evident yesterday that I needed to change something. The clones with roots have some root masses forming but the other to are not close not to mention the other 5. I decided to cut all of the larger leaves in half to decrease stomata ratio or transpiration. I've also read that this sends the plants growth hormone from the leaves to the roots. Either way or both will be a good thing for these girls considering all their life is sent towards growing new healthy roots so the leaves are paying the price. The thing that immediately let me know I made the correct choice was the lack of capillary action at the leaves cut edge, except for the three with root mass and only the big one had any real water droplets at the edges.

    I'm pretty sure I made the correct decision based on the reaction of the plants in only a few hours. They almost all went from droopy and unhappy to standing tall. No more wasting all that energy attempting to make leaves larger when the energy is needed below the collar.
  13. heisenbubble

    heisenbubble Moderator Staff Member

    Cause that much water bubbling is raising the humidty,the water temp is recirculating and cold.i think I mentioned this part to you in your planning thread lol
  14. Also my lights
    Fixed it when I realised the breather hole in the tent had been closed. Now it's all good!
  15. Also is 250 led watts at the wall at 5"s above the canopy to much light for rooting clones, which I am now considering these girls?
  16. I also lowered the stats,

    Water temp 69-71, raised 2 degrees because clones like warmer water but am using Hydroguard.
    Room temp day 80, lowered for less heat stress.
    Room temp night 70 lowered to match day change.
    Humidity day 60, as high as it gets with humi at full strength.
    Humidity night 70, no problem with night temps.
    Ppms lowered from 360 to 300, ppms weren't rising but they weren't going down either and there was slight tip burn.
    Ph 5.9
  17. Had the 2 spotted before and NOTHING killed em Except the Avid
    Evil lil fuckers , thank god that was years ago , 2 spotteds are no joke and why I stopped taking clones in , Not worth It
  18. I'd like to get on here and show some awesome photos of huge green leaves but it's not quiet there yet. I will say this though, they look better then when they were really limp. Every plant is growing roots but almost all new tiny ones. Another issue is the fact that I either got clones that have pre-sexed, shown there pistils early, or I got flowered clones. There doesn't seem to be any real flowering though just two little pistils at the nodes. I am getting only chicken feet so far though so we'll see how it goes.

    Running only 4 degrees difference between day and night temps to decrease internodal length.

    Here's the girls and a shot of my best roots in one week.
  19. I'll make my own next time but my local nursery has this so I thought I would pick it up for 14 bucks. It states use one tea bag per 5 gallons does that mean I need to use that many per 5 gallons or will that 5 gallon mix be good enough for my entire 70 gallon system

    Look any good?
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  20. Decided to go active res instead of sterile as I did the first two times. I've read that there can be problems getting bacteria to breed in hydro because you need a medium for them to populate. What I did to fix this issue was fill 4 3" net cups with bio balls, cover it with neoprene collar and allow them to float in the res. I'm hoping this will give the bacteria a place to colonize.

    We shall see how it goes.