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Underfeeding Or Overfeeding?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by GrowThings, Mar 16, 2019 at 3:05 PM.

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  1. Underfeeding

  2. Overfeeding

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  1. I backed off the Canna A+B from 3.33ml/L to 2ml/L thinking it was overfeeding, but now I'm beginning to think based on the leaf colour that it's underfeeding, what're your thoughts? After all she is a very big auto..

    Coco, Daily Watering, Not sure of PPM but it's based on my water hardness + canna's light feeding schedule.

    ph/5.55 - ph/5.78
    2ml/L of Canna A & Canna B
    0.5ml/L of Calmag
    0.25ml/L of BuddhasTree Flower Burst
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  2. My tank is 70litres and i add 50ml canna a+b and im 5 weeks in flower. Its more than enough. Ur plants judging by burnt leaf tips are overfed. Flush flush
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  3. Hmmm, my tank is 30L maybe I should still be on 1ml/L until the flowers develop more, then up it to 2ml/L..

    Here's my feeding chart based on my 30L tank..
  4. Dirtbag


    You've got burnt tips and Potassium deficiency, likely from lockout. Plus the leaves are kinda shiny and dark green which is a sign of too much Nitrogen.

    Overfed and probably causing ph in the media to be off as well..

    Have you done a slurry test for ppm and ph?
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  5. I will test the run off tomorrow, looking back at my Grow Diary I had them all on 3.33ml/L as they started to flower when they should have been on 2ml/L, oops.

    We'll see what the ppm/ph is tomorrow.
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  6. Madbud


    Needs a couple 2700k cfl lights
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  7. Yeah, she is getting barely any light cause she is so tall.. not expecting a huge yield with each budsite about 8 inches away from each other! xD
  8. hawkman


    Re-visit your lighting -many not be enough -- cfl's give this kind of grow - strenght ? need at least 4 for one pllant
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  9. TDS came in at 852ppm for the following nutes + tap water:

    Canna A + B 2ml/L
    Buddhas Tree Flower Burst 0.25ml/L
    Vitalink Calmag 0.5ml/L

    Buddhas tree will not be continued in the next 2 days or so as it is only to be used in the first 3 weeks..
  10. Jimster


    I've had a few plants nearly 30 years ago that looked similar in growth, despite other plants next to it grew fat and bushy. The buds were excellent and very tasty, but there was a dismal yield. Some plants just don't produce much and are best used for breeding purposes if desired. I think it might be a tad overfed, but it also needs a few other issuers adjusted, such as getting stronger light and raising your Ph a wee bit. Once you get nute lockout, it can be tricky recovering since you tend to chase problems once it happens.
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  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure all my nutes give the plants exactly what they require with the only issues I normally run into being over-feeding, I get a bit excited haha I should keep telling myself less is more.
  12. Dirtbag


    What are you using for light? Plants will only use a full strength feeding if they are also receiving intense lighting, plants under reduced light intensity will use quite a bit less nutrients. Which can make overfeeding easy.
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  13. hawkman


    also not enough light causes a plant like posted was posted: tall, lanky, ect
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  14. hawkman


    found that foliage feeding helps prevent/fight nutrient lock-out also (xtreme gardening has one called "cal-mag")
  15. Your chart says 102ml of A and 102 2ml of B per 30 liters. You are WAY under that! I've used canna for years and 2ml is only used on babies and freshly rooted clones.