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Urine is a great fertilizer

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques & Problems' started by Onespark, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. One of those old guys in the hills was telling me he goes out and pisses on his plants every night and pours coors beer into them. At first I laughed but I like to keep an open mind. He has the best outdoor I have ever seen. The old geezer was dead serious and i thought I would look into it. Turns out urine is full of awesome stuff. I knew people used human waste to grow corn for ethanol etc, but I never learned so much about urine until now.

    What’s in urine?
    Urine, 95% of which is water, 2.5% of which is urea, and 2.5% of which is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes, is not a toxic waste product. Urine is a blood byproduct and though it contains some body waste, it is non-toxic. In 1975, Dr. A.H. Free, published his book Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice, in which he presents a few critical nutrients found in urine:

    Alanine, total ..... 38 mg/day
    Arginine, total ..... 32 mg/day
    Ascorbic acid ..... 30 mg/day
    Allantoin ..... 12 mg/day
    Amino acids, total ..... 2.1 g/day
    Bicarbonate ..... 140 mg/day
    Biotin ..... 35 mg/day
    Calcium ..... 23 mg/day
    Creatinine ..... 1.4 mg/day
    Cystine ..... 120 mg/day
    Dopamine ..... 0.40 mg/day
    Epinephrine ..... 0.01 mg/day
    Folic acid ..... 4 mg/day
    Glucose ..... 100 mg/day
    Glutamic acid ..... 308 mg/day
    Glycine ..... 455 mg/day
    Inositol ..... 14 mg/day
    Iodine ..... 0.25 mg/day
    Iron ..... 0.5 mg/day
    Lysine, total ..... 56 mg/day
    Magnesium ..... 100 mg/day
    Manganese ..... 0.5 mg/day
    Methionine, total ..... 10 mg/day
    Nitrogen, total ..... 15 g/day
    Ornithine ..... 10 mg/day
    Pantothenic acid ..... 3 mg/day
    Phenylalanine ..... 21 mg/day
    Phosphorus, organic .....9 mg/day
    Potassium ..... 2.5 mg/day
    Proteins, total ..... 5 mg/day
    Riboflavin ..... 0.9 mg/day
    Tryptophan, total ..... 28 mg/day
    Tyrosine, total ..... 50 mg/day
    Urea ..... 24.5 mg/day
    Vitamin B6 ..... 100 mg/day
    Vitamin B12 ..... 0.03 mg/day
    Zinc ..... 1.4 mg/day
    (Your Own Perfect Medicine? - Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center)
    The following are the average quantities of various substances, in 100 milliliters of urine as reported in Introduction to Biochemistry by Dr. Pharon:
    Substance Milligrams
    1] Urea nitrogen 682.00
    2] Urea 1459.00
    3] Creatinin nitrogen 36.00
    4] Creatinin 97.20
    5] Uric acid nitrogen 12.30
    6] Uric acid 36.90
    7] Amino nitrogen 9.70
    8] Ammonia nitrogen 57.00
    9] Sodium 212.00
    10] Potassium 137.00
    11] Calcium 19.50
    12] Magnesium 11.30
    13] Chloride 314.00
    14] Total sulphate 91.00
    15] Inorganic sulphate 83.00
    16] Inorganic phosphate 127.00
    17] N/10 acid 27.80
    Some other important urine constituents are:
    Amylase (diastase).
    Lactic dehydrogenate (L. D. H.).
    Leucine amino-peptidase (L. A. P.).
    Catechol amines.
    Adenylate cyclase.
    Sex hormones.

    Anybody using diluted piss? Laugh away if you must. Just curious really. I suppose if you were in a bad way you could use strictly pee to grow your plants. What do you all think? I am thinking of growing a piss plant for fun LOL :mmm
  2. Intresting read
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  3. cannarado

    cannarado Premium Member Supporter

    That list doesnt include THC. Must not have tested a
  4. Hell yea ....I should go piss on all my plants. should bring the THC up to 50%......lmao!.....very interesting, thats not the first time i've heard of that.
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  5. sounds like a piss poor idea to me. sorry couldn't resist.
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  6. ^^^^ good 1
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  7. Lol. You guys have me rolling over here
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  8. I wonder to what extent you can make it better by taking a food based multivitamin with lots of water soluble vitamins.
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  9. are you sure he wasn,t taking the piss:party0044:
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  10. what-choo-talkin-bout-willis.jpg

    huh? I love that your name is Bigleek though. Fits in nicely with the thread eh?

    P- It seems that after everything goes through the liver it is a pretty standard mix and sterile. Interesting to think about though.
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  11. 300 posts? I need a life....
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  12. datDANK


    I've always wanted to drink my own piss one time to see what would happen

    would i feel sick or would I noticeably feel better?

    just never had the balls to do it...
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  13. La Paz - The sole survivor of a plane crash in Bolivia stayed alive by eating insects, drinking his own urine and painting an arrow in the ground with his blood to show rescuers where he was, according to an interview published in a Bolivian newspaper.

    Minor Vidal told the publication La Razon that he survived for 62 hours after the crash by using skills he had learned from the Boy Scouts and while pursuing his loves of camping and fishing. Those actions included filtering water through his clothes so that he could drink it and looking for an open space by a lagoon where he waited for his rescuers.

    The 35-year-old pharmaceuticals and cosmetics salesman was travelling on an Aerocon flight from the eastern Bolivian city of Santa Curz to Trinidad in the Amazon when the plane went down on Tuesday night.

    Vidal said he was seated in the back of the plane and found himself trapped amid the wreckage. He was seriously injured in the head and the ribs but remained conscious.

    "The plane crashed in the night, there was fire and the smell of gasoline," he said in the interview. "At first when nothing could be seen, I heard shouts, but afterward, everything fell silent. That moment was horrible."

    Eight others died in the plane crash.

    After crawling out of the wreckage on Wednesday, Vidal said, he drew an arrow with his blood in the ground to indicate the direction he had walked in. He also left his shirt in another spot as a sign for his rescuers.

    A navy patrol boat spotted him on Friday on a river bank.

    Seasonal fires set by farmers and ranchers had reduced visibility at the time of the crash. Aerocon spokesperson Nelson Kinn said the plane's black box has been recuperated and sent to Brazil for analysis.

    DO IT! Let us know because I am too big a pussy to do it as well.
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  14. SSHZ

    SSHZ Guest

    1. Urine is highly acidic and needs to be pH balanced before applying directly to plants.

    2. The Nitrogen is readily available to plants and can easily burn if over applied.

    3. "Urea Nitrogen" is not the best source of N........ do a search and you'll see what I'm talking about......
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  15. kolah


    I have used urine as a fertilizer for years. Some say mix it with a 10 to 1 ratio, 10 parts water to 1 part pee. Others say 20 to 1. I use 20 to 1.

    I like inviting folks over for dinner and after the meal I ask them how they liked my garden veggies. I then tell them about my magic piss.

    on another pissy note: it wasn't long ago that those surviving trapped miners talked about how they drank their own piss to avoid dehydration. I think I would chill mine first. :help:
  16. Chilled piss! Awesome. Warm piss sucks. Anybody ever go up to the trough at the red rocks mens bathroom and lean over and take a big ole swig of warm concert community man piss? Maybe a fresh squeezed lemon if you have the luxury! Thanks! I knew somebody on the farm was peeing on the plants. SSHZ makes a good point. Even though urea is not the best source of N you could keep your fire OG alive after a plane crash on a desert island until you got something better worked out! I am worried about that happening, thats why I am trying to learn about survival methods right now ;)
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  17. putembk


    Funny stuff, but the thought of smoking my own piss..... I'll pass.
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  18. I have never used urine in my fertilizer, but I know this old cat that grows everything BUT cannabis (he used to, but now has a family business producing all kinds of organic products for vendors pretty large scale for a family farm). I know that he uses BIOCHAR and that has urine mixed in most times. I believe he stated that it was a great source of nitrogen in Biochar. I am not too familiar with the subject, other than hearing about it a little in casual conversation, but hope to gear my ways towards even more organic. I do know that I support his CSA and everything: corn, garlic, greens, eggs, goat's milk, cheese etc. is just incredible. I am sure anyone interested can search a little for Biochar or Thermophilic composting and get more information, but as I have not experienced this first hand, I can only speculate. Good luck. Positive vibes...

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  19. U crack me up kolah!, thats some funny shit.......magic piss...lmao!
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  20. kes5480

    kes5480 Guest

    ewww not smoking my own piss....but bat shits

    ive heard this for years...for nitrogen or some shit...i like plant nutes myself, they work pretty

    peace yall
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