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Week 5 Day 40 Blue Dream Dark Heart Nursery

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Thecalikid, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I feel I'm behind buds seem small let me know what you think day 40
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  2. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Man looks loose, and leafy, what type of lights you running, and what’s the nutes like?
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  3. Maybe a faast finisher, Ive done a few BD crosses and always biggest buds /plants in the garden
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  4. Hps 1000watt ,eye,hortilux... and running roots organics full line up
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  5. I got this strain since it was suppose to be the biggest producer this company had to offer just hoping it does
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  6. Personally I’d get some of that foliage out of the way. You got a jungle there which is cutting airflow and not allowing light in.
  7. Other than that carbs. Budding plants want carbohydrates. Not sure if you’re nute line has a carb mixture. Molasses if nothing else
  8. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Agree a little defoliation would fatten those massive colas up! Looks healthy as heck! Good job
  9. Listen bro I ran that same exact cut from DH and the shit needs hella food than usual and defoliation is a must slowly to really smack that number you want. It was a high feeder had em in 7 gallons of coco 4 a light beast plants only required about 2 week veg got triple height almost even with heavy topping
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  10. Yeah I have been hitting them lately with higher ppm feed than before and I cleaned up some leaves I also veg for an extra week thinking they weren't where I wanted and I topped twice but I wish I didn't do the extra week I believe my biggest mistake was that they got too tall and my temp was too high I normally run in the winter time so normally I worry that temps will be too low but now it was getting hot in there. We will see I think it's hopefully going to get better from here and I hope I wasn't too late
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  11. molasses is a great additive later in flower
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  12. I run the roots organics nutrient line which has molasses in a few of the nute bottle but I may grab a bottle of molasses if I make it to the store
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  13. Yeah I just grabbed the grandmas at Walmart it was like $3. I usually go a tbsp per gal but more or less is ok too. I think up to 3 tbsp I read but it’ll be thick. Pretty thick with 1 per gal.
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  14. hillbil


    Molasses also has Potassium and iron and calcium! A tablespoon per gallon is fine. Great source of carbon for 5he herd.
  15. G gnome

    G gnome

    Idk how u can tell that...?

    Looks the same as my blue dream (santa cruz) i think as long as theyre healthy u will be satisfied w the yield. Lets see some better pix.

    My personal best ever yield per row was w a row of what i suspect is that very same bd cut.

    I ran mine 70 days
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  16. Unit541


    Personally I think that garden looks awesome. A little thick, but healthy. Some defoliation would improve airflow, which can do a lot more for a garden than most folks think.

    While you'll be removing leaves, increased airflow will also increase the rate of photosynthesis among the remaining leaves. Cannabis is also old as fuck, been around longer than most other flowering plants. One of few leftovers from a time when flowers also photosynthesized. Most growers know they want light "getting to the flowers", this is why you want that. Improved airflow also greatly assists in the mobility of calcium, which your yield is largely dependent upon.

    A study on vegetables in Japan found:
    The "dry weight" differences in the study are probably of particular relevance. If its interesting, you can check out the whole thing here:

    Basically, more movin' calcium, more, bigger flowers. There's actually quite a bit of published research about this, and tons of threads on this very site that put this type of data to practical use in home gardens. Really it's impressive. So is the difference that can be made with air flow.
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  17. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Man got my hands on the original Santcruz strain ! I live in the area and per chance ran into ahem one of the ogs! He hooked me up from his legacy stash! Can’t wait till I pop these next spring!!
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  18. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Got some Santa Cruz seeds as well! Been on the hunt for a while and boy am I excited
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  19. Never grew any blue dream or crosses of it but it is one of the best smokes I’ve had. Gotta add some blue dream something to my garden
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  20. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Well here is the first test beans in soil 5 days in
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