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What Should I Lollipop Or Clip??

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by CharmCity915, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. What's up everyone. Hope you are having a great day. Here is a few pics of my ChemDog. She is doing her thing but I believe I need to clips some shit off still. Any help is awesome. Thank you
  2. i wouldnt mess with that looks great and plenty of light getting to the flowers,i deleaf but that one doesnt need it
  3. Ok awesome.. Thank you
  4. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I would use those skinny lowers for new clones, and I'd pinch off all the bud sites that are below the main portion of the canopy. Everything that's on the inside and below approximately the top 18"-24" of canopy. I can't recall what you're lighting is for flower, if you're using CFLs then I might be even more aggressive.
  5. Yea I'm using the CFL's 2500k 23w. On some of the lowers and a few at the top, there are smaller little buds. Do the little one's drain energy from the main bud on each of her arms?
  6. THCdurk


    Looking good my.g I haven't talked to you in a while but I see you got it under Control. Good growing G
  7. embaks


    Yes the lower branches take away energy from the cola / bigger buds. i have always clipped everything. But the top 6-10 nodes depending on the size of the plant. i prefer to just grow colas and 2-4 side buds. im not a fan of the larfy buds on the bottom. some people Are. For dabs, hash and butter. i just use the trim off the buds i do grow out. Its usually more potent than th. Bottom buds. Imo.. everyone grows different.
  8. Thanks big homie.. I was just telling a buddy that it was 2 cool ass dudes on here that really showed me the way. Thanks homie
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  9. Yea I kinda figured using the CFL's out. They work great but I'm looking to have more then just 1-2 plants. I just picked up a HpS with a vent hood and a ballast. I'm also switching over to coco.. How's yours coming along?
  10. And I ended up not having to move so it worked out
  11. Here's a better pic of what I was asking about. This is the very top and it has like 4-5 just in that little space, so should I pop the ones that are u der the big one?
  12. i still say dont touch it,let that bitch grow
  13. Ok cool.. I'm gonna leave her to do her thing.. Thanks @oldskol4evr
  14. i got 2 white blaze that i breed,decided to let them go,natural,been so long since i grew one this way and had forgotten how damn pretty they are,no super cropping bondage or topping,here is a peak at my creation.8 days into flower
    2-2 001.JPG
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  15. I also got another question. I got a 250w HPS bulb and hood. I was thinking of changing out my CFL's and put it up but will that throw her off?
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  16. this is 2in short of 4ft wide room,this is my jedi
    2-1 004.JPG
  17. Damn they look nice. This may be a dumb ass question but how do you get them to grow like that? Or is it because they are young?
  18. critical 11
    1-25 004.JPG
  19. this is my flower room
    2-2 002.JPG