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What The Best Way To Smoke Bubble Hash?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by juggernaut, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. I think it's wasteful putting it in a joint. I'm not a fan of mixing buzz effects. I like both, by themselves. Like mixing rye and beer. I use a health stone for oil but a no-go using bubble hash. It doesn't have to be portable, Just works well and hopefully have a nice taste and somewhat easy to use.
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  2. screen on a bowl
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  3. I have never used bubble hash, but I assume when dried out, it is about the same as dry sifted keif. If that is the case, put it in a pollen press and make a puck out of it. After that I go old school. Put a piece on a pin, light the tip, put a jar over pin, and use a straw to suck smoke out from jar. Goes great with a good cup of coffee.
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  4. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    Haha that is indeed old school but it's 2019!!fancey bongs is the way to go!I just do bong rips or sometimes press it into rosin.i prefer dry sieve for pressing keeps the flavour intact better.
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  5. I agree high tech is the way to go with rosin. I use my Silver Surfer with crystal nail to do low temp dabs with, but there is something relaxing about watching the smoke spiral up the jar, and fall back down. Try it sometime. You might find us old timers know a thing or two about lighting up.
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  7. Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing. Put it in a pipe then add fire.

    I never have problems smoking kief or hash in a glass pipe, no filter. Run the lighter over it once without hitting it so it dries and fluffs. Then toke away. If something is too runny when hot I'll use a tiny nugg and melt it into/over it.
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  8. I've dry sifted what would be considered 5* with my pollen trays. I took Royal Nepal Kush kief sifted with 200u and resifted through 150u. It came out almost white. I have noticed that I've gotten varied levels of extra particulate using the same method with other strains. So the RNK must've had the perfect sise trich heads for the screens. If you're patient and sift gently through the right screens, full melt is pretty easy to make. I have pics somewhere back in my grow diary from my '17 harvest. Started making rosin after that and never used my 150u screen again.
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  9. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    Oh fuck I done that myself back in the knifes, cig spots ,a Polly bag taped to the bottom of a cut off bottle etc etc.unfortunately I'm a bit of a old bastard myself.
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  10. Man ..there's a bunch of us oldies here..LOL
    Remember scrounging for a pipe....none to be found....but there was always a toilet paper roll and tin foil..LMAO
  11. Dirtbag


    My favourite way to smoke it is through a vintage 1980's glass water bong full of fresh ice water. Super smooth.

    I also lace joints with it too. And do bottle tokes off joints. And sprinkle it on my cereal in the morning.
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  12. Nugg


    We call them dab rigs... titanium bowl and a torch.
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  13. On a nail you would have a big black patch I can tell from how green it is. I’m sure it got you stoned but 5-6* bubble is going to taste phenomenal. That’s the difference. Not only is it going to taste like the plant smells at chop, you also won’t blast your lungs with big hits like you will burning kief.
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  14. Get a American quartz nail, the difference in taste is day and night.
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  15. It looks greener on the pic than it was. Bad lighting. It melted down like rosin and did taste fantastic. Still, rosin is better and far less work.
  16. I agree. Never could get titanium to hit right and my nail would crack glass stem insterts.
  17. My first nail.

    20190215_165508.jpg 20190215_165447.jpg
  18. Oh, dude, I had so many blade shaped blisters and it never failed someone with hash in their lap from pin hits. Worked well on the head of a straight pin stuck in cardboard and a clear glass over the top.
  19. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Get your self one of these, there bad ass!! Electric no butane straight up hash, brings out crazy flavor. FAF61E0C-4E0F-4357-8A68-AE221BF93E78.jpeg
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