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Why Does This Happen Ever Other Day

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by MasterDsKush, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. My plant keeps dropping! I put it more in a shaded area because i thought it was getting heat stroke maybe it’s insects in the soil? I don’t see anything but here’s a picture. When i water it seems to come up but it doesn’t get that dry period if i keep watering.
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  2. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Water it better
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  3. How heavy is that pot with the droopy plant? Those black buckets aren't much of a help either if they get a lot of sun.
  4. No doubt it’s lack of water. Put it in the shade and keep it well watered until it completely bounces back
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  5. Agree with GT21. Thinking the plant is doing this to conserve moisture. Plants will stop respiration to stop water loss if they do not have adequate amounts. I'm guessing you live in a hot and dry climate?
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  6. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Lots of perlite in your soil (which is good) however it won’t keep moisture so you’ll need to water a bit more. Not a big deal we’ve all been there. They’ll bounce back in hours when watered.
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  7. Are you trying to kill that thing?
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  8. try putting that pot inside another pot,i container garden and the edges of containers get hot in the sun big time,the dead air space in between pots will keep inner pot cool and then mulch the top of pot,as mentioned above water well,give it a shot wait for 10 min give another shot,wait 5 min then finish off
  9. Set it up with a drip system to keep her wet.
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  10. its wilted,what else could cause that but lack of water? Anyone seen another cause of that other than something eating at your roots,which should cause some kind of discoloration
    or leaves getting crunchy,just wondering
  11. Overwatering
  12. It’s hot, no dry period. She needs to be hydrated just like us
  13. Wha,wha,wha, what you talkin about Willis?
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  14. Overwatering can cause that wilted look. I was responding to the rrock question of what else could cause that
  15. Ok, good call
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  16. ah never heard that before,good point Mr. AquaMan
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  17. My first thinkin was over watering. An them black pots heat up the water in that there soil. Plant'll prit much stop transpiration to prevent damage from hot water. But it will keep fluid in leaves an such, prayin for a breeze to cool er oft. This will cause slow growth. Put a dang fan on er in a bit of shade or put a white tent/sheet above her a foot or so. Water when dry. And like someone said ealier double the pots for airspace. And DONT water in the heat of the afternoon. It dont make em happy unless the air pressure is right fer it. It'll only shock the hell out the roots.
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  18. Madmax


    Id get them in the ground the plant will love you for it and will go off in soil..your medium doesnt hold water very good..
  19. Over-watering vs under-watering..

    Over-watered=leaves droop + stems at a 45+ degree angle UP.
    Under-watered= leaves droop + stems DROOP TOO! If the leaves feel "floppy" to the touch..under-watered..If leaves feel "tight" or crispy (NO..not that kind of crispy)..plant is over-watered.
    Sorry about using a link, but it really shows this stuff well.

  20. The roots are to hot in that black pot. Burry the pot or lots of mulch around the pot. and keep that wet.