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How much co2 should I add?

Contributed by: ductMAN

Co2 calculations...

1. Measure and multiply: length x width x height of your grow room to calculate the volume of cubic feet

2. Generally, the c02 level in a grow room is 300 ppm. To bring your room to an optimum level of 1 500 ppm, you will need to raise the c02 by 1 200 ppm.

3. Multiply your room volume by 0.0012 (1 200 ppm = 0.0012) to determine how much c02 to add to your grow room.

EXAMPLE: a 10' x 8' x 10' room:

1. Volume= L x W x H
volume= 10 x 8 x 10 = 800 cubic feet

2. 800 cubic feet x 0.0012 =.96 cubic feet-- you can round this to 1 cubic foot. You will therefore need to add 1 cubic foot of c02 to a 10 x 8 x 10 grow room to bring the c02 level to 1 500 ppm.
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