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  • The sample I had, which was quickly dried on a light and was from a broken bottom branch was a little more fuely in flavor, with some hash and an undertone of lemon, but it wasn't a top quality sample. The effect was really nice though, very clean with a good head and body balance.
    They do like their food, but given its chem/OG heritage it will grow pretty nicely even on low amounts of nutes. All in all its been a pretty easy and forgiving plant to grow. I have been gifted a small sample to try which was really nice, I am looking forward to a properly cured sample to try. It will get nice and frosty and looks great in pics.
    This is my first run with the Gunslinger. I didn't pop the seeds, but I was given two phenos that were found in the original seeds. I am personally liking the shorter of the two phenos, it has a great structure. The other pheno is a bit more stretchy in flower. Otherwise there isn't too much difference between the two.
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