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  1. aSilvrHaze

    Taking On Closed Loop Processing ... Pt. 2 Frankie Grows Up!

    Sweetleaf systems use something similar to this extrusion for their racks... The T-nut allows the sliding action in the grooves of the extrusion. You can see it in action in some of Bret Mavericks youtube videos where he's running the v3 setup.
  2. aSilvrHaze

    Is A 5 Micron Filter Too Fine For Clp? How About 25 Micron?

    Guys are out there using 1 micron will no issues as far as i know, at least when it comes to removing important parts. Even as low as .2 to remove mold spores. Coffee filters are somewhere around 25 micron.
  3. aSilvrHaze

    Taking On Closed Loop Processing For The First Time.

    Basically, the absolute worst place for a sight glass like that would be somewhere between two valves while the sight glass has liquid solvent in it. The pressure & liquid start creating hydraulic forces and that's where the trouble starts; vapor pressure and hydraulic pressure are 2 different...
  4. aSilvrHaze

    Agitation Adding Recovery

    Here's the links to the videos with Bret Mav if you want to watch and see how he does it. Work Sesh 6 Work Sesh 7 Work Sesh 8 Word of warning, through most of the video, its not really That bad, but his intro of yyaaaa dog word up!!, is incredibly fucking annoying to me :-X lol so just try to...
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    Taking On Closed Loop Processing For The First Time.

    I see now how you were trying to set it up, but the problem is that you need a ball valve underneath the hemi-reducer & in order to do that on the setup you're planning, you would need either a 4" valve, or go from 4" to 1.5" back to 4", which is alot of extra shit to deal with IMO...
  6. aSilvrHaze

    Taking On Closed Loop Processing For The First Time.

    The 6x6 is the "collection pot" where all of the oil you're extracting is going to end up with the butane that you run through the material in the material column(the 1.5x18 tube you listed). The 30lb tank is the "solvent storage tank" where the butane/propane is stored long term, until you're...
  7. aSilvrHaze

    Agitation Adding Recovery

    I'm not sure about a room temp tank, but I was watching a vid of BretMav using his sweetleaf setup and when he would shake up his tank that was on dry ice, agitating the tank would make the liquid solvent come into contact with the colder walls of the tank and chill the liquid down even more...
  8. aSilvrHaze

    Butane Temps Under Vacuum

    I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but these are the only charts I have regarding butane, temps, and pressure...
  9. aSilvrHaze

    Controlling Butane Temp

    The problem with those coils is when you're done with the run, there will still be solvent left in the coil that will have to be boiled off to recover instead of gravity draining it into the rest of the system , adding time to your overall length of run.
  10. aSilvrHaze

    Controlling Butane Temp

    Notice on these 2 examples that they both drain to the bottom, instead of looping back up, like some other companies offerings.... this is definitely the better design. I am in the process of having one made, using this coil. link
  11. aSilvrHaze

    Controlling Butane Temp

    Graywolf's design... this one, I believe, is a triple core, 3 separate coils in one pot together, used for pre chilling solvent and cooling pump exhaust.
  12. aSilvrHaze

    Controlling Butane Temp

    bhogart coils to pre chill your solvent... link
  13. aSilvrHaze

    Shatter Project

    nice swiss cheese look, care to share the details on that slab? temp and vacuum and length of time in oven?
  14. aSilvrHaze

    What’s Everyone Paying For Dry Ice

    I just picked up 60lbs for $40, xtractor depot in so cal
  15. aSilvrHaze

    Shatter Project

    I don't know about the experienced or scientific part, but a good place to start guessing with nug is 20-25% and that last pic looks pretty frosty, so definitely leaning towards 25%
  16. aSilvrHaze

    From Russia With Love!

    really wish i could watch that without the russian translation lol
  17. aSilvrHaze

    Best Water Chiller?

    are they all in different locations? if not, consider a larger sized unit chilling a cooling reservoir with cooling coils on a manifold setup.
  18. aSilvrHaze

    Cold Traps, Ice, Salt, Dry Ice, Etc...

    How'd this turn out for you?
  19. aSilvrHaze

    Curious Whats Everyone Ppm At During Veg & Flower In (r)dwc

    To add to the 500-700 scale issue, its the meter you use that determines what scale to go by. And the same mfg (Hanna for instance) doesn't always use the same scale.
  20. aSilvrHaze

    Have A Wonderful, Happy And Safe! 4/20 Day!!!

    Happy 420 farm fam
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