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    Slackinnn on 4K Co2 cage style

    I still have your frostitute. I don't know if you still have it, but if you ever need it. I hope you are doing well haven't heard from you in a long time!
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    outwest Gardens

    looking good dude, looks like that chem4 is like my alaskan
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    Some ATF in 7 gallon smartys with coco

    I will snap a few more pictures a day or so before I flip them. I am just trying to time it right so I have the correct canopy size. lollipopman: I am going to keep them horizontal this run. I might start messing around with light layout in the second room, once I get a couple more cards and...
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    What are you doing now Woods Eh!

    How long are you taking that blue storm? My buddy is just now vegging out a cut of that he got.
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    Some ATF in 7 gallon smartys with coco

    Alright I have been taking some time off for a while and have finally gotten enough time to post a run down. This is a legal medical grow first of all. STRAIN: Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Heavy indica that supports its own weight in flower. Takes about six weeks more or less to flower. I also have...
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    root enhancer in pure 100% coco???

    My friend has used the kind line for his last three rounds. He feeds once a day with that as his base and is running big bud and over drive. He also feeds tea once a week. Awesome consistent results
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    4K Coco dtw VS UC 13s 8xl

    Sorry not to thread jack BG. I am actually going to pick up my 60 site cloner to get some girls going for veg. I am not going to do anything fancy, but I will get a log going when I have the room set up. I have had a crazy past year and just getting settled in again, ready to get back into it.
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    *Cultured Solutions drank with vertical and horizontal lighting*

    What tea recipe are you using now? Have you adjusted it at all or are you running something pretty close to the hiesenberg setup? You have been doing pretty awesome, keep up the good work
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    4K Coco dtw VS UC 13s 8xl

    you need to come out and show me what I am doing wrong with the UC. The pro has been in the garage collecting dust lol. Coco has been a much better fit lately. I have been throwing around the idea of kicking it back up.
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    Coco Trees

    Deacon. Are you feeding every 24 hours or48? What its three moisture level usually before you feed again if you don't mine taking a reading. I'm getting ready to flip some coco ladies soon.
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    UC Flip Flop dream come true with 10k vertical and CC nutes

    Damn looking clean. What is the purpose of the humics four days after your initial nutrient change out? Wouldn't it help out just running it all along? What are you running the b52 at? did you run that all through flower? This round looks to have turned out well for you so far! Keep it up man.
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    UC PRO anyone??

    Once my water issues are settled out I will post a log or show some pictures. I am in the same boat as hogan and this is not a problem I can just keep trying to throw money at.
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    10k,sealed room, coco roots, raceway table.

    Looking good.are you planning on flowering in the 3 gallon? How many plants per light. I got to get my room sealed up for summer. Im still usingcold air lol from outside
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    Some vert coco ladies in progress

    I am still trying to figure out this water thing before jumping further into hydro. I am just going to be keeping a couple plants on the side in hydro til I can figure this thing out. I am just trying to get through this and get the system up and running. I am looking forward to seeing what the...
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    UC Flip Flop dream come true with 10k vertical and CC nutes

    That is smart I do the same thing as well. I think I am going to hardpipe a manifold when I set up my next system to run water in on the top.
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    Rockwool and Jacks? TF Says why the hell not? Take II

    Looking good... what is your exact recipe you are feeding them at now? are you running calcium nitrate and epsom salt as well? Good work like usual man, you keep it clean
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    Some vert coco ladies in progress

    Haha I still have my four site UC set up next to it. I will keep vegging them as long as it takes to get them huge in the UC. So whichever get larger enough first are going to be my first plants to flower out. I think that I am going to go up to 20 gallon containers from the 3 gallon...
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    UC Flip Flop dream come true with 10k vertical and CC nutes

    What size pump are you running to feed each bucket? Are you running it down through the hydroton as a top feed? or are you just having a line run to each bucket. I can not tell with how thick of a canopy you have lol.
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    Some vert coco ladies in progress

    Well I have been keeping these ladies on the side, but here is some of the progress that I have made with coco. I am running a 2:1 perlite to coco mix and feeding roughly once a day to day and a half. They are currently in 3 gallon pots and a few stray plants. I am going to keep vegging them...
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    UC Flip Flop dream come true with 10k vertical and CC nutes

    I actually meant 1 3 3 1. with six plants and 50" centers.
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