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  1. thebum

    Heavy Metals In Soil And Amendments

    Connection between what? One of the above companies bought a circuit board recycling plant, I think it was Gro Well. I can't think why else they would do that unless it was for using the micronutrients in fertilizer. And it would explain the mercury and other metals present on their products.
  2. thebum

    Heavy Metals In Soil And Amendments

    Be aware of hazardous waste recycling. Waste that exceeds concentration limits for municipal landfills can be recycled into products in unlimited concentrations (except for zinc). Mining companies pay fertilizer companies to recycle their waste, for example. Much of this fertilizer is shipped to...
  3. thebum

    Living Organic Soil-My second indoor grow, 4x4 tent

    Nice job. Novice here but I think the yellowing/dying leaves is normal if the budsites for those leaves aren't getting enough light. The plant is redistributing the mobile nutrients.
  4. thebum

    Kingbrite review

    Anybody tried the new models ? They are labeled as Kingbrite but the Alibaba vendor is now Shenzhen Index Lighting Co. Vicky said it is still their product, same people. They have new cree xp-g2 instead of xp-e2. Although the product description says xp-e2. I will ask about that too. Here's a...
  5. thebum

    ? Why does my Outdoor smell like hay. ?

    Dried too hot and quickly. It won't go back. Humidity needs to stay above 50% with low temps for a decent cure.
  6. thebum

    Legion Of Living Organic Soil

    Hey all. Great thread. Anybody still out there? First time soil grower setting up a 4x4. Planning to do four 15 gallon Grassroots pots probably each with it's own premade "living" mix. Looking at Great Lakes Water Only (not organic), Redbud Soil, Purple Cow Indicanja, and either another KIS...
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