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  1. Ina

    Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

    Тhese are mine last time i checked my garden............:)
  2. Ina

    what kind of weed did Elvis smoke ?

    He was forbidden in Bulgaria by that time,you could go to jail if you listen Western music:DIt was extremely hard to get to his records and really dangerous:)
  3. Ina

    How to tell when to harvest if you don't have a loupe, or Don't rely solely on trichomes

    Тhe pistils are different color but they are all fresh,not dried so its too early:)Calyxes under the pistils also should swell lot more.Now it still looks hairy. About the trihomes,the bud is starting to look more white overall when its getting close to ready,not crystal and shiny but white and...
  4. Ina

    Grow 2 - Indoor - Auto Bluetooth, Caramelicious and Magnum from MSNL

    I think you should water by hand /spray bottle.They are just three plants:)This doesnt look saturated well.These pots dry out more on the sides,they should be really,really wet and then leaved dry out enough and then really wet:)I didnt see them wet at all:) This system is looking cool but it...
  5. Ina

    Bug Repellents

    "not crazy amount"shortly becomes crazy amount!:D You could use hot pepper tea,garlic(if they are in veg),black pepper,tobacco,rosemary,lavender,onions and more and more you can think of:)If i were bug i def couldnt stand all that haha I dont use the soap,its for the remedy to stick to the...
  6. Ina

    First time grow - help me identify possible seeds

    Yes,maturing seeds unfortunately:/.Anyway if they are not too much its not a big deal:)i dont know if you have to bother cutting them,its done already,they cant do nothing........So just wait until the buds are done:)You could try to find the reason and the father:)
  7. Ina

    First time grow - help me identify possible seeds

    But they could be seeds:)Looks like it to me,hope they arent.......
  8. Ina

    Cloning questions

    Its not necessary,mostly to make the cutting concentrate on rooting ,not photosynthesis.The very tops are most important. and in my box i just want them tight as possible and dont like them to touch each other or the plastic wall if possible.But otherwise you can leave the leaves.
  9. Ina

    Cloning questions

    In dirt you wait for the top to get greener and visibly start growing,no way to dig them and see the roots:)You can use the smallest plastic pots available.Clonex gel can't be applied twice(but they have other products to soak the medium i think) but you can add some beneficial rooting bacteria...
  10. Ina

    Dose anyone grow fruit n veg in your back yards .

    That is one of my favorite threads!:) Old pic of my garden dog,she never steps on anything!She knows that im yelling a lot:DThis is her dust bath:)She loves to dig.
  11. Ina

    Did i top at pre-flower?

    Could be pre flowering.depends on the strain.Now Its early for flowering on the most places but it could be something faster.Lots of pistils.I wouldn't top anymore just in case......It will grow somehow.To me it looks kinda strange shaped?!:)
  12. Ina

    What are you listening to right now?

    I dont know what that is but Im smoking with pleasure on it.:)
  13. Ina

    What are you listening to right now?

    Narcotic thrust-safe from harm.When we were young all the girls loved that song;)
  14. Ina

    I need help asap severely drooping plant

    I guess they will survive if you keep them in cooler place but in that stage of cloning they need moist,shaded place for a while,not direct sunlight.Is there any roots?
  15. Ina

    Моите Цветя И Миксове

    Hey,thanks for watching!This year my garden is fine,not the best but you know gorilla style sucks so im happy with whatever i get:D Love!
  16. Ina

    PH A Basic explanation

    I judge by their own color and such.........I mean if they look healthy why bother PHing and such?!Its usually high........The PH:DI mean the water is always high and the soil is a little bit lower........
  17. Ina

    What are you listening to right now?

    Diana Ross is aware that he is cheating.....
  18. Ina

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bjork is crazy!:)
  19. Ina

    What are you listening to right now?

    Tory Amos,im getting back to my strange mood!
  20. Ina

    What are you listening to right now?

    Busta Rhimes remix makes me wanna drift!I have that Audi A4 that i can ruin:D
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