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    great to see your still killing it bro, your room never ceases to amaze me. hopefully one day...

    great to see your still killing it bro, your room never ceases to amaze me. hopefully one day we'll get some killer genetics in the uk too. you still running the bp ogk?
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    Elite: twisted purple og kush

    looks like some fire, just popped some of his sour banana f1's. hope i find something as good as yours.
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    Inline fans are vibrating my house!

    i had the very same problem bro, i've built myself a mdf wooden box lined with celotex boards. used insulated ducting and a silencer. theres no hum or any noise now, seriously quiet.
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    20 light, 25 plant, Screen of Green

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    Blue City Diesel ?

    could it be a pheno of sannies new blue diesel? (Blueberry Indica / NYCD)
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    A few shots of my rooms growing in Beds with some new strains WIFI X SOUR D and...

    damn jack, must take a while to trim that lot, lol. do you use a machine? and do you do it solo? those buds are pure fire by the way bro.
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    Root Aphids

    hit them with merit 75 and follow up with cap's bennies.
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    British Hempire Seeds at auction

    your about 4 yrs too late bro.
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    males from s1 seeds

    @redeye, think i read there was a mix up with the seeds, reg's got sold as s1's. best to go over to his site and speak to him bro.
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    Caps Bennies Make It To Mexico In Time For Spring Break

    great news bro, mine turned up super quick to the uk. he posted them on thursday and they landed here on tuesday. can't get much better than that. looking forward to trying them out, read nothing but gret reviews about them. big up cap.
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    ET Harvest Pics- Grapefruit Krush and Royal Purple Kush

    looking good bro, the Grapefruit Krush and Royal Purple Kush sound and look all good. shame about the hermies on the fems though. i think they should of stated in the description that they didn't make the fem seeds themselves. as i also only found out after buying them that they where made by...
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    Spores In De Coco-nut

    any updates on these bro?
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    my last thread (i mean it this time lol)

    shame about the thrips bro, have you seen capulators bennies? maybe worth looking at mate, read some great reports from people about them, and there very reasonably priced. check them out:
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    DIY Top Drip Coco Pots

    plants are looking good bro, and it looks like a serious jungle in there now. hows it smelling?
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    Emerald Triangle Seeds Catalog

    welcome to the farm emerald mate, killer lineup of strains you got there. just a quick question about your fem seeds. i noticed on your site it says that they where produced in europe, and was wondering if you had much imput on the selection process for which plants where used to make them from...
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    Back In Stock!!!!!

    pm sent, cheers bro.
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    DIY Top Drip Coco Pots

    everythings looking super healthy bro, should be a jungle in there in no time at all.
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    Thanks Cap!!

    good luck with it surfr mate, keep us posted on the results bro.
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    The lab of jaws!!

    no doubt you'll find some fire in those bro. i was lucky enough to get some of your alien kush f4's and white banna's too yesterday. can't wait to try them out, got to kill of the ra's first though. good luck with yours bro.
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    This Is How I Used The Foliar Pack 4 Ra

    @danoid, how are your mothers looking now? did the foiler completley kill off the ra's?
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