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    Heavy 16 User Superthread

    I'm just trying to warn people about this guy. He is delusional, and always has been.
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    Heavy 16 User Superthread

    I used to work with mendoadome, he doesn't even grow. He got fired from the hydro store for telling customers weird made up shit. He doesn't know what he is talking about. He also steals pics of other people's grows and claims them to be his.
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    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    Rock Resinator is Jasmonic acid, they don't want you to know that though.
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    What does your RO water ph at?

    I don't think mendoadome even grows.
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    I'm looking for commercial wearhouse consultants in San Diego and Las Vegas to operate grow facilities.
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    Harbor Freight Drip Kit

    I had one, it was garbage. Don't remember how to setup the drippers.
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    What does your RO water ph at?

    I've never heard of cloromines either, maybe you mean Chloramines?
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    What does your RO water ph at?

    Never heard of color imines.
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    Water Chilling Q & A

    That's a little overkill for 20 Gal
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