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    March, Picture Of The Month Contest

    Stardawg Tangie
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    February Picture Of The Month

    Triangle Kush
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    Vote For The January Picture Of The Month

    Damn! I logged in to like my top 3 lol @Orcaman be running a tight ship:smoking: things are moving a bit quicker around these parts! Nice job buddy! Orcaman... your next project should be getting us some new emoji's:) dope pics this month fellas! Peaz
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    Vote For December Potm

    Good turnout this round fellas! Lots of dope entry's.. @Orcaman props for running the potm.. I know your gonna run a tidy ship.. Looking forward to the upcoming months!
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    January Potm

    Key Lime Koffee
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    December Photo Of The Month

    Alien Hallucination
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    Vote For November Photo Of The Month

    Thanks bro! I always get frogs up in my garden and I'm always trying to be careful not to squish em'.. I have noticed in the past that when I get a couple buddies in the garden I seem to have more epic crops lol. I always think to myself it's the luck of the peace frog! I outta try out a...
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    Vote For November Photo Of The Month

    I liked that little dude hanging upside down.. He had my vote for sure. @MIKEZILLA had a great capture:fire::fire:In my experience Cap's always been the most reliable for sending out prizes.. I also have to give a thumbs up to logic cause I did receive some method 7's awhile back.. It's always...
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    November Photo Of The Month

    Frosted Dank Genetics - Stardawg X Tangie
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    Vote For The May Photo Of The Month

    thanks fellas for the votes! I hear you @sixstring I missed voting in the prelim's last month cause Ive been playing catch up for the last couple weeks.. I noticed there wasn't very many entry's last month.. must be that time of year!
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    May Photo Of The Month

    Tre Stardawg
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    Vote For The April Photo Of The Month

    Congrats @Og Gong Happy Birthday bro! I appreciate the offer! I'm all good on my end.. blessings!
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    CSI: Humboldt - Seattle Crime Lab - Testing

    @liketosmoke nice list! @fishwhistle you can go to any users feed and at the top click on 'following' and it will list out all the members that individual has chosen to accept pics into their feed.. so if you follow me (one_flip) and Liketosmoke_farmf (im assuming thats you LTS?) any time we...
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    CSI: Humboldt - Seattle Crime Lab - Testing

    It took me a minute to figure out IG.. It's pretty convenient once you have it down.. it definitely keeps you in the loop as to what everyones doing.. it's like bud porn for people with A.D.D.. when you throw out a pic it gets short compliments or quick questions and then it becomes history...
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    CSI: Humboldt - Seattle Crime Lab - Testing

    These were done under 750's.. I have a little over 9ft ceilings in this room.. I wish Gavitas made a horizontal de's like the Dimlux or Nanolux because I like my plants to finish about 5 or 6ft tall.. the gavita hung all the way to the ceiling takes up about 18-20" so by the time I have at least...
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    CSI: Humboldt - Seattle Crime Lab - Testing

    I had the pleasure of running some more CSI gear! Hats off and much respect goes out to Nspecta for the work he puts into his breedings.. at the location I ran these it's too difficult to take shots of the plants and structure along the way.. this next round I should be able to keep things a...
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    March Photo Of The Month

    lmao! bro if you bust out a sears family photo you got my vote!!
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    April Photo Of The Month

    CSI's - Violet flame - Whitefire #43 X Purple Urkle
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    March Photo Of The Month

    if their from peeps that have entered a pic i would still count them.. if they are from people that haven't entered photos than i would discard
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    March Photo Of The Month

    thanks bro, I didn't want to ramble in my first post and i almost mentioned it earlier.. so its funny that you are the one to reply..I went back and forth between your pic and hiiipowers pic for a few mins.. I went with hiiipower cause of the clarity of his shot.. but i think your cola in a...
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