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  1. goingtoguano

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    My last gal up on the chopping block. AK Bean Brains (freebie) Black Domina #5 x Starfighter
  2. goingtoguano

    Leaves are turning purple during flower

    At 5 weeks, I would call that normal for me. The fall fade.
  3. goingtoguano

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    AK Bean Brains Skunk Qabbage bx7
  4. goingtoguano

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    The Nature Farm Uncle Festers Skunk#18 'Skunkbud'
  5. goingtoguano

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    The Nature Farm's Wednesdays Child
  6. goingtoguano

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    Definitely add the EWC now and let it cook. That where your microbes come from. I don’t bother with the mycos until I am planting and then either sprinkle some granular in the hole if transplanting or some soluble myco soil drench or both. I have read where the mycos need roots right away or...
  7. goingtoguano

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    I run a close recipe to that of The Rev and would make a few changes. I would add some dolomite lime and use more kelp, greensand, blood-meal, alfalfa, and feathermeal. I would use less DE, granular humic acid, and langbeinite (that stuff is pretty strong). That is also a lot of all purpose...
  8. goingtoguano

    Loose buds

    I see the SolarXtreme 250 pulls 200 watts from the wall so it still falls short of the recommended 35 watts per square foot that is recommended for led lighting. I am not a led guy but I think thats what I have read around here. Insufficient light will make for loose buds.
  9. goingtoguano

    My Fungus Gnats DGAF yo....

    I use Microbe lift with all of my organic concoctions and no problems. I also tend to use too much most of the time. It goes drop, drop, drop, squirt. lol I also use the Mosquito Bits and, I still have some gnats but manageable.
  10. goingtoguano

    Post up your most killer Rosin, Wax, Shatter. LET IT RIP.

    I tried the dry-ice hash technique a few months ago. It works fucking great. I couldn’t believe how much came out and it’s already dry. I liked it way better than the bubble method. Soo, much easier. I am guessing there is more plant material in the dry-ice technique but it’s not enough to...
  11. goingtoguano

    Reverse Osmosis vs Water Distiller?

    I bought a cheap one like 4 years ago and hooked it up to my basement sink and put a hose timer on it. It works sweet, set-it and forget-it. It is still working good but it is just starting to get slower (less efficient) so I'll probably replace it with another cheapy before my next grow. I...
  12. goingtoguano

    Reverse Osmosis vs Water Distiller?

    I would. Tap (well) water has dissolved minerals in it that the plants need like calcium and magnesium ect. If you used straight RO water, you would likely start to show deficiencies without adding minerals back in, like cal-mag. You can probably eliminate needing any of that by just adding...
  13. goingtoguano

    Reverse Osmosis vs Water Distiller?

    That looks like a standard RO for under the counter type. They also make portable RO systems that make it so you don’t have to install anything. That’s what I did. You will want to add some tap water back into the RO water before using it on the plants. They need some minerals, just not 350ppm.
  14. goingtoguano

    What water practice do you use?

    I run my well water through a RO unit and keep 5 gals bubbling all the time. When it's time to water the plants, I will add some tap water back into it until I reach my desired ppm level. Then I add whatever additions I might want to give them.
  15. goingtoguano

    The next "BIG" thing? Humic and fulvic acids

    So, I bought some fulvic and humic acid from kelp4less to try and have been adding them (mostly just the fulvic) out in very small doses and my ladies seem to love it. I was looking around the web to find any more info about it and came across this study that shows how the addition of humic...
  16. goingtoguano

    Big white nipples on

    Looks like light bleaching.
  17. goingtoguano

    Powdery Mildew? Bugs? Or am I tripping?

    Your tripping. I think they are just hairs/trichomes I think. That plant will be extra frosty 😀. Trying to stay positive. I remember reading about marking young plants that are extra “hairy” because they will supposedly be the frostier ones and it is just another arrow in your quiver when...
  18. goingtoguano

    Please help me figure out what is wrong

    That is fine in veg, I boost my plants up in veg so I don't have to bend down as far but I need every inch of height I can get in flower. I think the difference between our views of watering until run-off is our growing style. From what I understand, growers that use synthetic nutrients want to...
  19. goingtoguano

    Please help me figure out what is wrong

    With a wet-vac or something? Picking up a saturated 7 gal pot to dump the saucer is not my cup of tea.
  20. goingtoguano

    Please help me figure out what is wrong

    I understand that but with a proper watering cycle, it is hard for a soft-pot to hold onto too-much water unless it is sitting in a deep saucer that is allowed to stay full. Any excess is going to run out. That's why I shoot for just enough water before run-off and if I do get some, it quickly...
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