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    An alternative to Voodoo Juice?

    You should check into a compost tea, you can use everything everyone has mentioned. If you have a small amount of plants, you can just use a 5 gallon bucket, air pump and air stone. I use a 55gal plastic barrel Commercial Air Pump by Hydrofarm 8" Activeaqua air diffuser GH Subculture GH...
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    Resinizer - Mini Resin Separator

    these machines are nice. I did have to upgrade to a 20 gallon
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    10 year old uses mj for autism,w pos. results

    I snorted about a bowl of ground buds once. It is not recommended but it sure does smell good.
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    Doubleds finally gets paid !! mpb bucket system

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    Aqua Lab Rocks!

    No doubt. They have an awsome lineup. They also carry Illadelphs!
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    Pump Size: 10 - 2' air diffuser

    I have an Ecoplus Commercial Air Pump. It only has one outlet. BUT it comes with a badass 12 spot manifold.
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    What exactly are the different cuts of OG?

    This thread should be moved into The Breeds lab.
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    Is it illegal to transport mature cannibus plants?

    yup. We got pulled over with 5 mother in the back of a truck. The officer was like what the fuck. Prop 215 biznatch
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    Some foliar Products

    I used LL, it is pricy. You have to use it with Penetrator as well. It does make a noticeable difference.
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    Some foliar Products

    I recently starting using my compost tea as a foliar spray with great results.
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    Whats up Farmers

    Welcome and High. I like your user name.
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    When to change from propagation lamp

    make sure get a fan blowing across the top of the plants also!
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    stunted seedlings

    For weak and dying off seedlings, I'd check out some hydrozyme
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    Best and Cheapest CO2 Controller?

    I don't have any exp with this device. But it's next on my buy list.
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    What Hoods to use for 1k's?

    I also now have a Magnum XXL. I did run the Radiant and Daystar. I think you'd be surprised how wide the light is distributed on the Daystar.
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    Anybody here use silica in there grow?

    I use silica to raise my PH
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    Bushy bac

    Welcome back.
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    Bleeding Skunk

    In marijuana, the sap is usually colourless, although a bright red colour - it looks like blood - is not uncommon in later life. The red colour is due to haematin compounds and anthocyanin pigments that naturally build up in some varieties. The red colour may also indicate a nutrient deficiency...
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    Botany of Desire - Full Length Video

    Thanks much for the post.
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    Sacramento Area Clubs

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