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    NOT Fire OG

    looks like tk.
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    5 Most potent strains out there

    Triangle Kush + Chernobyl hands down the two most potent imo. I would say sour d comes in behind both of those.
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    California: $211,000 annual growers liscense fee

    I would love for it to be legal, but for the government to just exploit it like this pff I say vote no to prop 19. I am an open minded person but practically anyone can get a med card and it should stay med.
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    Triangle Kush

    I took a purple bubblegum male and crossed it with triangle and made purp bubble f2's. Gonna sort through and find some more keepers :party0022:
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    No more blunts in Canada ... Flavoured tobacco is now illegal

    hxxp:// I've ordered from them with success and ordered two boxes of the blueberry flavored cones lol.
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    Have to chop early

    I had family over on the 3rd for a family party and I had to shut the door and I just told everyone my friend is upstairs sick if you fucking go up there your ass is grass. Like fractual and greenthumbdanny said man up or send them elsewhere. I wouldn't necessarily show them the room, but I...
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    Grape Ape, Mr.Nice, Grape Romulan etc (dried product)

    dank looking buds man. Also do you have flower shots of your pk girl? That bud looks very similar to a cut I have.
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    Grape Ape, Mr.Nice, Grape Romulan etc (dried product)

    dank looking buds man
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    What are you listening to right now? and
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    Wpw has been busted and will need our help

    wpw stay strong man we are with you in thought.
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    auto flower??

    Every clone that I have shows some type of preflowers in veg its no big deal.
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    Og KUSH FireXBubba KUSH ~10 weeks

    Looks like some fire dank man.
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    In need of weed

    Florida needs to get the medical bills rolling in wtf is taking so long.
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    Triangle Kush

    That is definitely the TK and growmasters pics are exactly what it looks like in person. My shitty 5.0 megapixel cam does not do it justice lol. Ill post up the dry shots with a buddies dsr, and your exactly right about the silver look. Yea I haven't gave it to anyone and don't plan on it...
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    Triangle Kush

    Yea man I definitely will just finished a bowl and I feel like a million dollars :cool0010: I know of only three people including myself that have it here and two people in colorado that moved from here does anyone else on the farm hold this cut? Gonna grab my cam and put up some dry shots and...
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    OG X (dried nug shots)

    looks fire man
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    Triangle Kush

    Thanks for the comments and yea the yield is shit, but in a 2g pot of soil it pulled 1 O and a 1/2. There was another smaller one that might have yielded a quarter lol. I have another huge one going into flower with whitemaster and purple bubblegum and I'm positive it will yield 3+ in a 5 gal...
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    Triangle Kush

    Here are pics of triangle kush a really hard to find clone but there are those that have this thing and trust me when they have it, they will never let it go. Its definitely dank. The pics can be a bit blurry Ill take more high quality dry shots later on. It's day 62.
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    Axamax question for ya folks

    I use hotshots no pest strips and a friend of mine didn't have the strips and had a bad infestation of thrips and I've never had them. He finally got the hotshots and while it killed off all his fungus gnats it couldn't even dent the thrips. He moved his vegging plants into another room and...
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    A friend busted

    They did not have a search warrant they were there for an arrest warrant for an aggravated battery and assault on leo. Then they charged him with DRUGS-PRODUCE-POSS STRUCT VEH KNOW DRUGS MFGRD MINOR PRESENT, also possession over 20 grams. The total bond was up there around 6k. I and a few...
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