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    Results of the 4/20 Growers and Breeders Cup 2010!

    if you seen her you wouldnt fuck her believe that! it sux how they rip off independant breeders over their with the credit only bullshit. i though that mosca or rez would of won it due to the amout of differnt strains they released during said year. its amazing how much ass kissing goes on in...
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    Where do you throw out your garbage?

    put all your plant material into brown paper bags with a rock/brick inside and throw it off a bridge into the river,leaves no trace and is completely bio degradable! just use some good sense when dumping as to not get seen
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    anyone from the attleboro area of mass?

    i think i have come across at least 5 guys this month who are growing in spfld,westfld and other western, ma spots. i think everyone is hoping that we will be legal someday here!
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    anyone from the attleboro area of mass?

    sorry bro you dont ring a bell. but your smoke sounds good! if i have met you and forgot i apologise. BTW your words of wisdom crack me up
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    anyone from the attleboro area of mass?

    yes i have grown those strains. strange as how you may know me but WTF can i do but kill everyone! maybe 1 day our paths will cross in a hydro store and then you can explain how you know me while i smoke your bud! in the last 2 years it amazes me the growth of growers in mass
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    anyone from the attleboro area of mass?

    im a nehydro guy myself! cheap and its in a huge shopping plaza you can blend in. makes me wonder how many times have i bumped into farmers at nehydro and never knew it!
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    New additions to a collector's set

    very nice work! hope im not out of line asking how much do these go for?im looking for something similiar and would consider buying from you if its with in my budget
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    D King Harvest Shots

    now im pissed at myself,had a chance to grab these and put it off. hope you put up a smoke report when you can!
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    Share some of my art with the farm!

    your artwork is intense! most be expensive seeing how intricate you are with some of the designs and colors! must be nice to have 100 pipes like those laying around
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    Is this pack legit ?

    if i were to guess i would say that the 1st pic is from boo/bay? 2nd pic dr. chronics?
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    purple indica???

    hey cbf great pics! they look almost identical to some of my gfxbb from chimera. hope it smokes up as good as it looks
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    Any Fellow Smokers From CT??

    sorry for the late reply bro.i dont know i keep to myself but years ago it was always around just had to sort thru quality/prices.usually was around $25o for good beasters $300 for nice dusted nuggets.
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    Please Explain Flowering Dates

    i hafta agree with texaskid on this.wait till your girls tell ya they are ready
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    anybody from massachusetts??

    did you mean anyone from taxachusetts?
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    gfxbb a beast among us

    yeah she was chopped awhile back. she came out great but towards the end the larger colas started to mold up even with running a dehumdifier and keeping fresh air circulating.must have gave away 6+ zips worth twisted into blunts to random people during my daily travels.i kept the remaining 12...
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    Seedbank warning!!!!

    hate to go off topic but has anyone done any bizniz with Sensible Seeds?they have a few strains no one else carries,are they yay/nay?BTW i am in US any help is welcomed
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    my new cloning investment

    ok guys got this on 8/ came in discreet packaging and was easy to assemble.i took 36 clones that day using just of yesterday all but 4 were rooted heavily. i think 2 wont make it for whatever to sum it up it was a better investment that i expected. the plugs are much...
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    my new cloning investment

    hey guys i was looking into increasing my cloning rates.i saw this product which is very cheap IMO.the plugs are very cheap also and it seems to be very appealing.i have an order i plan on putting in a few...
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    Any Fellow Smokers From CT??

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    Top 5 Favorite Films.

    pay it foward---suspect zero--fugitive--goonies--van helsing
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