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    USA view on Advanced Nutrients

    over priced crap!
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    Supernatural brand

    Yeah man, supernatural kills it. :banana1sv6: You should try it in hydro. The aqua's work amazing. I do soil now, but i use to do undercurrent. and it works amazing. run it at lower ppm's too. Too easy :dance I've run pretty much their whole line. CHeck out my pics. THese are a couple of...
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    New Aero system, help? :D

    I ran an aero system a long time back. My suggestion for hydro nutes would be to stick with the Supernatural Aqua line. They run really clean in the aeroponic system. It won't clog anything up. I noticed your using the Ultimate thrive, but you shud really be using Gro aqua with it. Gro aqua is...
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    C02, any cheap options?

    Hey white widower, thanks for the home recipe.... I'll have to try that one. Well the pucks are working great. Little pricy, but its a cheap fix for now until i can afford a tank. Thanks for all the info!
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    Nutrient switch?

    It all depends on how big you want to grow your plants. But their going to keep growing whether their in bloom or in veg. I usually only do a short two week veg. Grow them to about 1.5-2ft tall then switch to flower. Don't use the nutes together, they were made to be used separately. But i do...
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    Nutrient Requirements for Mothers in Hydro?

    Mopho, all that sounds like its gettin pricey... I just use supernatural gro aqua... Simple one part.. And thats all i use. Keeps my mom super healthy. The shit's packed full of calcium, and i always get strong cuttings off her and its low in the p and k's so im not pushing into bloom at...
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    C02, any cheap options?

    Thanks for the input. I think i found my option. My local hydro shop, just got these c02 pucks in... Called excellofizz or something. They were only 4$ a puck, so i bought just a couple. He said they would bring the ppm's around 2000 in a 10x10 with one puck... I'm looking forward to trying it...
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    C02, any cheap options?

    Hey everyone. I've never tried c02 yet..... I got a 10x10 going and i have friends that get great results using a burner. but i was wondering if anyone has any other cheaper options than a burner or tanks?? I've read up a bit on the c02 boost and other bag crap... But haven't heard any good...
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    Leaves yellowing

    If its in flower, the lower leaves naturally yellow, because it thinks its dying. But if you want to green them up. Thiers a product out their called GreenStay, and you can use it into flower. Its a foliar feed and it brings the leaves back to green. But if its in veg, sort out your nuts and...
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    flushing debate.

    I know a lot of people say that theirs no need to flush... But it all depends on how hard you've been feeding with your nutrients as well. If you've been feeding really light all the way through, its probably not going to be an issue. but If you feed heavily their will be build up on the roots...
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    Powdery Mildew

    Dr. Doorights helped lots when i had a PM problem... It worked well... It didn't destroy it like soya'nara, but its definitely helped. Sea maiden do you know where i can find Soya'nara??? That shit was amazing but i haven't seen it anywhere?
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    no more gravity in ca? or anywhere

    I've never really seen the draw with the hardeners??? Whats so great about them? They harden my buds? is it adding weight??? And if its adding weight? is it taking away quality? I've always had great crops, and they my buds are dense, and crystally.... how hard does it need to get?
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    stopped drinking/overfed need help

    Hey red. You gotta watch those ppm's, you might be having some nutrient lockout from overfeeding. Flush, and just feed water. And when u introduce a food again, start light. Also if your having variations with your temperature, check out this link. I found it helpful, when my room got to 85...
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    Cloning Power Or Gel

    My local hydro shop carries it, but you can find it on a number of online stores... Here's one that might be close to u.
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    Actual Available PPM Analysis: Bloom Boosters

    Hey Desertsquirrel, I really appreciate your post its very helpful in comparing all these PK boosters. Have you ever done an analysis on Supernatural's Budblaster. Because on my ingredients list, is says it has 3 different types of phosphates and its a 1-52-31.... And it says its Available...
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    flushing debate.

    I can't believe thiers still people out thier that don't flush! Definitly flush your plants man. You will get much cleaner buds... It will burn with a nice white ash, and no crackle.
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    Cloning Power Or Gel

    Powders for sure.... Gel's go bad... I hated using gel's. I take one set of cuttings, and then a month or so later i would open up the gel, and it would be molding. Now i use Supernatural's Root Burst Powder... The Indole 3 Butyric Acid is at 8%, which is the highest i've ever found...... Anyone...
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    Great post man, really helpful!
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    Hello thc farmer world!

    Hey everyone. Finally made the push and actually joined a forum. I usually read lots from them, but now im finally on one. I've got 3 years under my belt. I'm sure i can offer some great advice, but as always i learn new things everyday, and still have lots to learn...
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