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    First Grow, CLf's

    good stuff man!
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    sannieshop ship to the USA

    placed 4 orders, no troubles at all!
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    New closet setup - hps temp issues - questions

    you have that in a closet?
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    New closet setup - hps temp issues - questions

    I have a similar setup. 2 x 3.5 under a 600w baddass red diamond & a 42w CFL. You gotta bump your air draw wayyy up, overkill cuz its a small spot. At first I tried this: drawing through my hood 2' away then through a worthless ass filter well that got me about 85f but thats too...
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    WARNING! - Heri x Big White freebie from sannie....

    whaddup SZ! Glad to see this again as my heri x big w fems are about a week in! Cheifin my tasty uber atm...! :icon_spin:
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    any info on Uberkush???

    girls came down @ 50 & 55 days, nice solid buds, ton of red hairs, beautiful kushy smell, decent stone. I would grow em again till I find something better. :banana:
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    Double Koosh

    think it was starvin for light, 100% no leaks. Catchin up a bit now that the rooms empty & these 2 whore all the light :cool0041:
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    Double Koosh

    movin right along... I will pull them out from the hps for pics next update, chunkin up! :damnhippie:
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    any info on Uberkush???

    Heya Sannie! yes its a sweet earthy smell of danky funk or somethin... gonna be terribly stoned from this one! :hi:
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    Double Koosh

    Sup farmers... Here are a couple Double Koosh I started out of boredom. Got a ten pack, popped three beans, got 2 of 3 on the germ, and both turned out to be girls! These vegged for a couple weeks & went into the flower room. So the pheno watch starts, right... well look at these. Put in dirt at...
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    any info on Uberkush???

    41 days of flowering... man these are pretty! great work Sannie :joint:
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    OG Kush = Ocean Grown Kush

    ta-whooo licks..
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    any info on Uberkush???

    Nice! How long did you let yours flower?
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    any info on Uberkush???

    thnx... I liked the way yours purpled up... mine are staying green give or take a bunch of N. Yeah these are sick girls, just stared a couple more matter of fact. Once you know what to look for the UK is fire! :smiley_joint:
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    any info on Uberkush???

    typical female... :icon_spin:
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    any info on Uberkush???

    Here is my best lookin uber at 34 days flower, man these smell just beautifully kushy. Cant wait for them to finish... gonna be horribly stoned for the holidays! :rastadancing::anim_30::anim_30::anim_30:
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    Pre98 Bubba / 89 SSSC Skunk #1

    So I got ahold of a few F3's of this cross & was wondering if anybody has ran it before? It's calleb Skubba in Holland I guess any info pics would rock! :banana1sv6:
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    Auto flowers

    ya grow these: Short Stuff Blue Himalaya Diesel it's much stronger smoke then the roadrunner!
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    Uberkush Day 53 start Flush

    you should be able to just sign up for opengrow & be a member unless they changed it. pm Maverick... Although your correct, I'd watch the alien badmouthing they sponsor this forum or sumthin.. Great Ubers dude! Gonna be some strong smoke!
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