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  1. Tsunami Rose

    My First Grow! Hydrofarm Setup w/Sun System 150W HPS & Fox Farm Nutes

    Cute :] I wish I would have started with something like this! Instead I got 6 1000 watts, lol. Good luck bro.
  2. Tsunami Rose

    Grape Ape 360° degree view

    Mmm, you've got my panties wet :]
  3. Tsunami Rose

    1st hydro canna coco grow

    Miss me? I assume your someone who has my number & knows me? So call me :) Almost done w harvest I've been such a slacker cuz of school & moving. I'll take some pics of finished product. The jacks are amazing! Cant wait til it's cured !!!
  4. Tsunami Rose

    Blackberry Kush - Coco Grow

    Good luck with the PM, had some on my last run, shit sucked! It started like a week before harvest :[ so i just had to finish my girls & now im not even smoking it!. Try some neem make sure you hit then hard,.
  5. Tsunami Rose

    1st hydro canna coco grow

    Wonderful News! :] So I had a "senior farmer"/ strain enthusiast over tonight & he said that there are hella different strains amongst my soil plants, which include Purple Urkle, GDP, & the old school purple kush. Eeek im soo excited! :] Had to share.
  6. Tsunami Rose

    UC 4XL under 1000 watt in 5x5 hydrohut OG Kush & Pre 98 Bubba

    Yeah man, im happy to be downsizing. I can go to school & quit being a fugitive, makes for a better life & ill just save all my money and whatnot. I guess im not going to tents, but a few less lights & someone else to help. Too much shit to do all by myself.
  7. Tsunami Rose

    220 plants in a bonsai wheel

    Awesome man, i will definitely be following closely :]
  8. Tsunami Rose

    Canna Boost...

    Buyyyyyy! check out my jack herer plants. huge nugs on every node.
  9. Tsunami Rose

    220 plants in a bonsai wheel

    Woooow., who ever would have thought. So I have questions. How do you feed? Maybe thats really dumb, but i feel like water would get everywhere. How fast does it rotate? Are you having any problems w/ PM since it seems to be very dense in there. Do you do any green cleaning? Sick ass...
  10. Tsunami Rose

    1st hydro canna coco grow

    Picture Update Day 51: Old school purple kush (under 600 watts.) Day 49 for the rest of the pics Jack herer ( It looks way more crazy in there than it really is.) I tried some bud swell techniques & thats why some colas are bent (&swoll) Purple Kush Bubba Kush...
  11. Tsunami Rose

    UC 4XL under 1000 watt in 5x5 hydrohut OG Kush & Pre 98 Bubba

    For sure man, everyone has to start somewhere :] Kind of wish I would have started in a tent, but soon i will be downsizing to them.
  12. Tsunami Rose

    Shady Business… In the Cuts: Under Current

    A matter of a lot of time. My current set up is going somewheres else at the end of this cycle. So until I have a new spot, that may be a while. But doing lots of research until then. Can you forward me any good threads/ websites I should check out that are all about buckets, because I dont get...
  13. Tsunami Rose

    Shady Business… In the Cuts: Under Current

    Glad I came across this thread, can;t wait to see what you're going to put in here. My next project is most likely going to be Bubble buckets. Happy Farming :D Nami
  14. Tsunami Rose

    ***euforia's garden***

    Woooow. Im highly impressed :] looks like some danky smoke for sure. Bubble buckets?
  15. Tsunami Rose

    1st hydro canna coco grow

    Small pic update All the Old School Purple Kushes under the 600 watt HPS && the most purple girl && one of her colas They're starting to be flushed, on day 45, so about 7-10 more days and im going to chop. Hopefully there is some more bud swell. They aren;t yielding nearly as well as...
  16. Tsunami Rose

    Compost-Guano Tea Tastes Yummie!

    Very interesting read, super happy I found it :]
  17. Tsunami Rose

    1st hydro canna coco grow

    As soon as I raised temps PM started in :[ Back to freezing my bitches.
  18. Tsunami Rose

    1st hydro canna coco grow

    && Now the problems begin :[ Problems! -Mites. :[ ughhhh! got some lady bugs. -Powdery Mildew. Turned my Dehuey all the way to 20% so hopefully I can suck all the moisture out quick while the lights are on. I picked up some Bi-carb old fashioned fungicide (potassium bicarbonate soluble...
  19. Tsunami Rose

    mastacheesers cinderella kush heaven

    DAaaaaaamn. Im soo interested in aeroponics. & Holy man you've got some beauties growing. Subbed, can't wait to see more :]
  20. Tsunami Rose

    up yours gets invaded by raskal alien kush f2, og kush x alien kush

    Glad to see everything's still going so beautifully!. I seem to hurt myself & do dumb ass stoner shit on a weekly basis in my room. One of my Old School Purp Kush broke in half when I sat on her :P but she's duct taped & doing great. Lol. Happy Farming :]
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