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    ay whats up peeps

    yeah pretty nice. im waiting for my 3 plants to get done then ill post the pics later in time
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    Cure Your Medicine by DJ Short

    ima have to try this out, usually i dry it and put'em in the glass jar and pop the jars open everyday. the paper bag method i will def add to the curing process. to me the cure part is the hardest because sometimes it just doesnt get that dank smell that i want. i always thought i was missing a...
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    thanx alot for the great info. this will def help me alot. i had some unansered questions and i read up on it and you def ansered all of them. i mean truly thanx alot
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    Hi Fellow Farmers

    ay whats up and welcome even though im new as well
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    New to the farm

    im new as well welcome. i def like the 1st pic beautiful colors lookin really nice. the setup for your veg plants is pretty cool
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    ay whats up peeps

    yep as you can see im new to the site, just saying hello to everyone. i've been growing for about close to 2 years now, mostly outdoors. ive tried maybe like 2 indoor grows under cfls, didnt like the results i was getting compared to my outdoor grow, which is nowhere comparable. i know, i know...
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    Looking for a good strain

    yeah i agree with cannarado, it just depends on the person. like me for example a strain i can smoke anytime and not get tired of it is chronic. this strain is old school and was the 1st strain i ever smoked. compared to all the new strains out there now i would say its mid grade, but i love it...
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    sfv x deathstar og

    sounds pretty sick with the SFV X DEATHSTAR og. the sfv ive tried its nice and mellow with a creeper couchlock. i havent tried the deathstar yet but i def heard alot and read alot about it. hopefully its as deadly as it sounds. def lookin out for the beans and the erb. thanx for the info
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